Original Xbox Games Set, Selling My Collection Of OG Xbox Games =\

Yeah, I’ve given in and am selling my collection of Original Xbox Games. I finally got my Ebay account up and running and synced with my paypal so it’s up there. The details are in the body of auction for those who are curious. I’m trying to get some money in my pocket to raise for school which is why I’m resorting to this. You can see, I’ve got some pretty hard to find games in there, nowadays atleast. Still kinda sore about Marvel Vs. Capcom 2, that’s a rare one indeed. Never the less, I have to do this. You can find the auction at this address.

Original Xbox Games Set! 40+ Games! Ebay Auction Link!

All the games have been treated very well and are in stellar condition, I assure you of that. If you or anyone you know is interested in boosting their collection or simply has some kid around willing to play the games then this auction is for you, my loss is your gain.

Enjoy, and pass the word around for me please. Many of you may not know who I am which is fine, but if not for who I am…atleast for a good cause, please pass the word. Thank you, and Happy Bidding! :slight_smile:

Note: For More Pictures, Visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/86908662@N00/


Gonna Miss these things =\

Specially Anniversary Collection, this signifies that I officially…Quit 3rd Strike. Nice playing whom ever I played over the past couple of years, and may you all progress and have fun.

Dave aka “DaveNotti”

what about the actual xbox?

also: you’d make a LOT more money by selling them individually.

I assume you want to sell them as a lot right?

There’s some keepers in there!

…and like Mixah said, You would probably make alot more money selling them individually.

aww dammit i wanted cvs2 =(

I Will Win

I know i’d make more individually, it’s definatly unethical, but when you need money…ethics kinda have to take a back seat. I know there are some keepers aswell, the MVC2 makes me shiver everytime I think about it, also the Metal Slug 3, 4 & 5…aswell as others. But I’m stuck between a rock and a hard place therefore, they must go.

Thanks for showing interest

Uh yeah, thanks for ending it early and not saying anything to anyone. I had a healthy snipe and I guarantee I would have outbid everyone. Hope you decided not to sell to anyone.


You are the guy to sold me the DreamCast Ascii stick?

Please i waiting for your feedback in ebay, i really need good reputation.


And sorry for the offtopic…