Original Xbox Games on 360

I didn’t find any GOOD sources on which XBOX fighting games work on a 360, and how they work. Anybody knows something about this?

Here’s a full listing (not sorted by Genre):

I lost interest in BC after trying Marvel VS Capcom 2. It’s so glitchy that it’s shameful. I don’t think any of the BC team actually play tested it before giving it the green light.

Well i have heard that they are pitching a MVC2 on marketplace and online also to stay on topic most games from xbox dont work on 360 but the street fighter aniversity and i think alpha works along with soul calibur as for the snk titles no and cvs2 eo is a no also


try XBOX.com


yeah i tried that, but i trust you guys more than the testers from xbox.com if it’s about fighting games :x

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 is so glitchy, it’s pathetic and irritating…
SFAC (Hyper Edition and SFIII:3S) works perfectly, as does Guilty Gear X2 #Reload
KOF 2002 is glitchy, but nowhere near as bad as MVC2, but KOF 2003 does not work at all

Unfortunately Capcom vs.SNK 2 is not BC, and I’m not entirely sure about how KOF Neowave plays on BC… and what sucks is that they prolly won’t update the list, especially if they are more focused on adding games on Xbox Live via Xbox Originals. Hopefully the MVC2 rumor is true, and moving forward, we have HD Remix now, SFIV, KOF 98UM, KOF XII and Tekken 6 in the pipeline, Blazeblue probably