Organising a mini SF2 tournament and looking for name suggestions

i’m hosting a mini SF2 meet/tourney in early jan here in the UK. nothing big, but i was wondering about names for the event. anyone got any good ideas? :wgrin:

king of the iron fist tournament


blink…blink How about “Street Fighter 2 Tournament”, champ? Oh, wait, the UK, you say? Okay…hmmm…try “Stree’ Fai-ah Tyoo TOORnahment”.

ST and crumpets.

ye olde street fighter 2 tournament.


Get hype!

Crossups With The Queen.

Thank you.

Eye of the TIGERRRRRRR Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaytant '09

Battle By The Big Ben

hahahaha, definitely this.

he didn’t specify if it were ST or CE,

fyuck, mayb they gonna play rainbow or good ol’ WW~

How about…
"The King of Fighters Tournament"
Oh wait, nevermind.

God save the adookit.

nevermind the bollockstrings

You lose, you Princess Di.

fish and chip damage

SFTooth Decay

pip-pip ochio

damn, thiz thred is racist what