Oregon Vacation; Super Turbo?

Greetings from Minneapolis, Rainforest Folk,

Anyone playing street fighter out there? My girlfriend and I are visiting some of her friends in McMinnville; we’ll be out there from the 8th-15th. I’ve talked them into checking out groundkontrol in Portland on the 12th, hoping that someone else might be playing on the ST or Alpha 3 cab.

Are there any weeklies or tournaments happening? Should I toss a stick or two in carryon?



Every Tuesday and Friday Best Bout Gaming hosts Throwdown Tuesdays and XFactor Fridays

wait, since when did Ground Kontrol put Super Turbo back in? I haven’t been there in a while but the last time I was there they had changed the cabinet back to Hyper Fighting. Probably because drunk hipsters’ quarters don’t last very long against the CPU AI in ST.

But yea, like Slash said, there are weekly sessions every Tuesday and Friday night at Best Bout Gaming

Wait…Does Art have a ST board…?

If he does I must do whatever I can to get said board off of him. I will giving him a first born…not mine but someone elses.

Hyper Fighting? Hrm. That’s sort of a let down. Their website lists Super Street Fighter II Turbo, but maybe that’s out of date.

At any rate, it looks like we’ll be up there on Friday night, but I probably can’t get up there in time for casuals. Shoot me a message if you’d want to get some games in at GK, though. Cheers! Also, Oregon’s gorgeous.

Well on fridays they go till like…4 or 5 in the morning lol

I’ve got a cab in my house set up for games, you’re welcome to come down to Salem, my place is actually not that far off to McMinnville

Dohp. I was actually packing up to leave when you posted that; just checked the thread (I’ve been back in minneapolis for awhile now). Just wanted to say thank you for the invitation. I had a blast in Oregon, and I hope to make it out again soon. I’ll let you know when that happens.