Options for a Sega Genesis arcade stick

Can I use an MC cthulhu with a Genesis/Megadrive controller cable?? can somebody provide me the schematics for this??

The MC Cthulhu doesn’t support Genesis, unfortunately.

Either hack a Genesis pad, or get a UPCB. The former is easier, honestly.

just curious what games you are wanting this for

We have hacked a 3 button Genesis pad, it was the easiest padhack by far lol Working on a case for it now. I will be using it for the classics like Strider, Thunder Force 3, Gairies, Gunstar Heros, etc.

I want it to play some of the amazing shooters available for the Megadrive: Thunderforce 4, Gleylancer, Gaiares, Zero Wing, Slap Fight, Eliminate Down, Undead Line, Battle Mania Daiginjo, Darius 2, and like chrisl609 said, an arcade stick would also be great to play arcade action classics like Strider, Snow Bros, Ghouls’n Ghosts, Streets of Rage 2, Bare Knuckle III, Contra etc.

Ummm emu + nice Pc-compatible arcade stick(or pad) anyone?

Would be a lot less headaches than actually getting a original genesis pad, or genesis pcb in stick working for it.

Or one of those Sega Saturn USB gamepads. Even the cheaper KOs of that pad going around looked decent.

But that would be the easy way out.

Man I wish…

yes, I also plan to use the stick with my MSX and Master System, but I want to use my game cartridges, I have 100+ MD/Genesis games, like 50 SMS carts and a bunch of MSX carts/disks wich I want to re-play with a good joystick

Genesis pads (even 6 button) are pretty well documented. You can make a 3 button one from components.

They apparently also use DB 9 which is easy to get.

Fucking awesome!

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I decided to hack a 6 button 3rd party Megadrive controller( it’s a cheap knockoff of the japanese Sega MD 6 button pad) , already soldered all the wires coming from the microswitches … up to here all seems right,

once I have all set I tested the thing with the Street Fighter 2 (to see if all the buttons are working as they should), it was all right at first but after a while some buttons stopped working while others started to act funny…

I checked at all the solder points and everything looks fine, this is the third pad that I destroy for this project and now I am left with a 6-button arcade panel that is only compatible with the Master System, only B and C buttons work now, if I plug the controller in the Megadrive the C button is read as B + Start at the same time while B button is A, It’s like having an original Master System controller connected to the Megadrive.

I may have blown the chip on the PCB while soldering wires…I don’t know but this thing does not have a normal chip but a kind of black bubble made of “Molykote”.

Gleylancer is great!!!

Is there a ‘compatability’ button on your controller somewhere?

Do you have any pics of the pcb before and after you wired it? This might be an issue with multiple grounds or an inadvertent solder bridge.

These controllers only have the usual “mode” button, and I don’t have pics but aren’t Genesis/MD controllers supposed to be common ground?? I followed the traces on the PCB and it seems that all buttons share the same ground, but I also see some traces wich aren’t connected to any buttons…