Options after a blocked hotfoot

When Sagat hits me with a hotfoot and it’s blocked, what can I do? Sometimes he will dp and other times he’ll mash on throw and throw me. I always guess wrong…=(

I guess you’re using A-Sak, Bison, Blanka? Is this C-Sagat?
Normally your fastest hitting normal to b&b would be ideal, or perhaps a well-timed 4 frame d.MK xx special. It’s not like he’s 100% safe afterwards, though it looks like it, most especially after he’s getting the time to dp or throw you afterwards. Bison/Blanka have 2 frame attacks, I’m not sure about whether or not Sagat recovers in time to block but I’d wager not.
I guess the problem here really is recognizing when you can act and recover from blockstun.
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The mixup is in his favor if you don’t have a 2 frame st jab. And even then, you have to time it well. I’d say just block and try to tech throw on reaction. Its not so hard so long as you look for it.

Blanka and Bison both have 2 frame moves. Bison has his crouching jab, and blanka has his s.jab. You can try to combo with bison/blanka. The safest option is to tech throw(like LG said). Just press b+hp/hk late-ish. you can tell when you teched it late because sagat would have already grabbed you(you’ll hear that ‘click’)… If he does risky uppercut, then you have him for free.

IIRC, blanka’s crouching short is 3 frames, his standing jab is 2.

oh yeah, my bad. I meant standing jab. Thanks for the correction popoblo.

if you’re sagat and you block it, can’t you also a dp to counter his dp ? i know he can block but i’m just saying it’s another alternative. i think you have to read your opponent’s style.

if I remember right, sagat is at -4 after a blocked hotfoot, first of all, block high after the initial hits to give yourself the full 4 frames (you lose a frame if you block crouching or something…I don’t remember the game engine exactly…)

for a sagat that’s a free tiger uppercut (3 frames), except on a K-sagat, cuz JD lets you recover to defend 1 frame faster (meaning he only has a true -3), so you get scrubbed for free

so first frame reversal a 2-3 frame normal is your best bet, I don’t remember sagat’s data, but I’m quite sure his st lp is 2-3 frames, take that CH and easy link to c mk -> super