Optional partners for vega?

as of right now I am maining as Vega in SSFIV (ill talk about that in SSFIV Vega forum in a couple days.) I am also thinking about having Vega as a permanent team member in my SFXT (it was Ryu and Jin but Ryu well be replaced by Vega). The reason why im have Jin in the first place is because he’s my favorite character in the Tekken series and Im just … alright with him, although in this game im not doing so good with him. so here is the question, should I stick with Jin as my team member or is it a bad idea and I should get someone else. im really to try anyone

welling*, damn auto correct lol

Just practice Jin’s movement and combos if you really want to play him. Ideally, Vega is just a poke character that does not combo well on his own without a partner. Most people I’ve seen use Vega on point with an anchor character that may have trouble getting in on an opponent.

Pretty much what vg said. I personally use Vega/Hwoarang although Hwoarang has a few decent pokes, Vega is much better at a poking game.