Option to reset our CFN

Would like an option to reset your CFN (lose your rank etc) but pick a new name and flag. Thoughts?

My CFN is Toilet so I’m pretty much set for life.

when you have the pc version you can create as much family share accounts as you want and restart over again as much as you want on them.
its also a good way to create a non public account for the case that your are a streamer or “pro” who want to have a backup account to train
without other people being able to watch him.
of course just when he keep that name a secret.

I didn’t get to choose a username on PC, so my username is just the long string of numbers that make up my Steam ID.

You can fix that. There should be a sticky in the steam forums about it.

You can just email Capcom if you want to change your name/flag.

isn’t that if you just got the numbers bug

I just emailed them because my friend made my name for me before I could and like a day later they let me change it.

so if I just say i want to change my name, they’ll give me an option in the game to change it…? or do i need to make up an excuse and send them the ID i want

Just tell them you want it changed. They’ll ask for a reason why but you can just BS.


what’s the email address…? or do i use the contact form