Option Selects in Non-fighting Games

Alright I’ve been thinking about making this thread for a while now. I came up with the idea while I was playing Tony Hawk’s Underground a few weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if the character I was using had a special manual trick or not so I would ollie and input a possible special trick input and then input just the regular manual command and if the character had one it would come out but if not the regular manual would happen.

That’s the only example I’ve encountered but I wanted to see if anyone else had experienced an option select in other non-fighting games.

Is “option select” just a fancy/pretentious term for glitch? Because it sounds like a glitch

Even though this thread is discussing non fighting games, it probably would still be better suited in a forum with people who actually play fighters and know what you are referring to.

option select means doing two inputs at basically the same time and the game giving you the optimal one.

I thought about putting it in fighting game discussion but I wasn’t sure if it would be technically against the rules.

An option select is doing two different inputs at the same time, where normally one will come out, but if certain criteria is met, it will be ignored and the other will come out resulting in a favorable outcome(normally).

The best example is crouch teching in SF4. If you try to throw while crouching, a throw won’t come out, only a light attack. But if you press throw while crouching, and the opponent throws, you will tech the throw, though if they don’t throw, a light will come out. Making it a good option for avoiding a wake up grab after a knock down.

I know I’ve encountered option selects in other game outside of the fighting genre but I can’t recall what game. I guess a BXR in Halo 2 would be considered an option select. Even if you somehow miss the shot point blank range you will likely get the melee damage.

You can option select in bayonetta. Equip the moon accessory, and the rosary beads (dont have to equip rosary). Anytime you go to dodge someone, hit forward and dodge in the direction of an enemy, and if your timing is off, you will just dodge, but if you have the rosary, your timing will likely be good enough to get that accessory to activate, but if your timing is right, you will parry the move.

There are other tricks similar i have forgotten, or that i do unconsciously and never actually wrote them down. Most hack n slash games have a lot of option select shit in them. At least the good ones do.

That sounds like something in Ninja Gaiden where you could simultaneously attack and block, or rather you’d block if they attacked but if they failed to land their attack you’d attack instead. I always thought things like this were not intentionally designed by the game developer.

I’m not sure if this could be considered one but mashing both the up and down buttons for an elevator.

IF your flatland special has the same directional sequence as a grab or flip trick special, then you’re probably getting a pseudo option select.

Also worth noting that you don’t need to do the sequence, if you’re playing on a keyboard; SOL if you’re on a pad. Just press two directional inputs at once + trick button, and special move will come out.

There are probably some in the Souls games, I used buffering extensively

metal gear rising i think it is, towards+weak attack will parry if an attack is coming at you otherwise you will just hit the enemy with a weak attack

I’m pretty sure that most of the time they aren’t intended, or they dont know how to fix it without altering a mechanic to a negative degree.

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@deteknician this thread.

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