Option-select Universal Overhead into Super

I keep thinking everyone knows about this and I just never heard of it, or that I did know about it some point and just forgot… it’s just too obvious.

I was practicing links with Remy yesterday when I realized that I could always input the same timing and motion and if the uoh connected (meaning the opponent got hit by it), I’d get super, and if it didn’t (meaning the opponent blocked the uoh), nothing would happen. I tested it with every character that uses uoh into super, against every size class, with the CPU both crouching and standing, and with CPU random block on. Once I figured out the right range and timing, it worked every time.

Stand at your character’s max uoh range and do the uoh with the super motion buffered in, and then press the punch/kick button at the timing you would if the opponent had been hit by the uoh; if the uoh did hit the opponent, you’ll link into super, but if the opponent blocked or parried the uoh, nothing will happen (meaning your super won’t come out, you’ll just be standing there).

The reason this works is that your character recovers from doing the uoh differently when it hits the opponent and when it’s blocked or parried. When the uoh connects, your character lands almost immediately after. When the opponent blocks your uoh, your character is caught in the air for a little bit and floats down slowly, and you land too long after you input the super command for the super to still come out. If you whiff the uoh completely, your super will come out, so, don’t do that.

Basically this is an option-select command that lets you link into super when the opponent is hit by the uoh and doesn’t do anything when your opponent blocks the uoh; if your opponent is super-able, you’ll super him, and if he’s not super-able, you won’t super him. Make sense?

Edit: Edited for clarity.
Editx2: Again.

A bit of a noob question, does ‘option-select’ mean doing things so that the machine picks the preferable course for you – for example using negative edge inputs to get either a block or a counter?

Oh yeah. Funny how it works; awesome tool when used effectively.

Ultra D wins again. :tup: I’ma try this out.

I’ma have try this for myself.

Only question is, do you land only when you UOH hits, or do you land instantly on block too? Blocked super = dead.

I’m not sure if this is what you’re asking, but whenever UltraDavid is saying the UOH isn’t connecting, he means it’s getting blocked. Whiffing the UOH makes you land the fastest with no delay, so you should assume that you know the distance well to avoid whiffing before you use this method. The other character blocking the UOH is what’s causing the hovering lag.

Gaijin’s right, sorry if I wasn’t being clear at first. Using this method,

if you whiff the uoh, the super will come out and you’ll probably be screwed;

if your opponent blocks the uoh, your super won’t come out and you’ll be safe;

if your opponent gets hit by the uoh, you’ll link into super.

So don’t whiff the uoh. The way I tell whether I’m at the right range is by looking at where my shadow is relative to the opponent’s shadow; different characters have different optimal ranges, and some are harder to get than others.

I know u said you tried it with every character but just to make sure, did you try it with Makoto?

Thanks for postin this up UltraDavid =)

Yeah, I tried it with Makoto SAI, and I found the timing easier than most.

does this work for meaty uoh as well?

Haven’t tried this yet, but just to make sure before I do:

  1. You input the button press immediately after the UOH makes contact? You don’t want until you’ve about landed from the UOH? Or I guess those are one in the same, because you’re hitting the UOH late in its animation.

  2. Does drumming make this easier? Or does it in fact make it not work because the drumming makes you super even if it’s blocked?

I haven’t tried meaty uoh, I’ll test it out when I get home. My guess is that it won’t work as well because your character will have less airborne time if the opponent blocks the uoh, meaning that the difference in the time it takes for you to land from a blocked uoh and from a connected uoh might be too similar for the option-select to work.

You input the super at the time you would if the uoh had connected; you have to figure this timing out beforehand because it’s different for different characters, but always assume that the opponent was hit by the uoh. In the event that the opponent actually is hit by the uoh, the time in between when the uoh makes contact and when you recover and can super is very short, and if you press punch/kick at the time you land you’ll get a super combo. However, if the opponent blocks or parries and you press punch/kick for super activation with the same timing you would if the uoh had actually hit the opponent, that is at the time you would press punch/kick if the uoh had connected, the amount of time it takes for you to land from the uoh increases so much that the length of time a super input window stays open for will have closed by the time you land, meaning no super will come out. And that’s why this works.

I only ever use drumming when I do the super motion, it’s just a habit, and it works fine in this case as long as you don’t drag it out too long. I didn’t even try doing this without drumming, drumming is just… that’s how I activate supers. It’s such an ingrained habit in me that I occasionally have problems playing C groove in CvS2 with its different super levels hehe.

cool stuff. one of my homies uses it with ken all the time to great success, i have a lot more difficulty with chun because i am always doing meaty UOHs, but i will try this method with other characters. thanks for sharing!

Thats top tier tactics right their good shit.

Yeah it works with meaty UOH’s too. At least, it does with Ibuki UOH SA.3. Might not work as well as a meaty with other characters (like Elena perhaps?).

Getting parried also puts you in the air longer than hitting, so this works if you get parried as well. Meaning, if the opponent blocks or parries then nothing comes out – but if they get hit then you super.

At the end…

Ah, If he crosses up and the UOH whiffs it comes out as a kick, and if he doesn’t cross up and the UOH hits he’ll do a super. Niffty. Probably if they block the UOH nothing comes out.

I know you said you tested this everyone in the game… but I used this with Alex the last night and it worked, but the grab at the end of SA2 whiffed… I’m wonderin if I fucked up the spacing, because it worked jsut like you said it would up to the grab…

I couldn’t get the grab to connect either, but that’s as much a fault with Boomerang Raid as with this method. The problem is just that Alex’s SAII won’t combo correctly from too far away. Try max range crouching short into super, that don’t work neither. Alex’s supers totally blow, man.

Great work, David. :tup: