Option select ultra

was just wondering how do you option select and ultra like fei long first ultra

It depends on whether you’re doing it off a low short, trade cl.mp, or jump-in.

Option selects are not very difficult once you understand how they work.

For the simplest OS ultra case, you can do c.lp OS U1 with Fei by doing c.lp qcf qcf ppp. You need to be fast enough that the first c.lp is still chain cancelable when you finish the ultra input; That means a standing jab will come out when the first c.lp is blocked since you can’t chain cancel c.lp into ultra.

This works because the block “hit” adds a few extra freeze frames that won’t be there when the lp whiffs, giving extra time for the chain cancel. If you’re too slow you’ll still get an ultra though.

Some option selects like c.lk qcf lp for a rekka sort of work in reverse. instead of doing the qcf+lp motion fast you need to time it so that the first c.lk won’t be canceled into rekka, but the rekka will come out from the buffer if you whiff the first hit.

Most offensive option selects make use of this timing difference between hits (blocked or not) and whiffs, plus button priority. Experiment with it and you can make your own option selects pretty easily. It’s basically abusing the game engine to create inputs that have different outcomes depending on what happens… You can OS FA, jump, dash, attack, backdash, throw tech… You just need to find the correct situation, inputs and timing.