[Opinion] Your Favourite Custom Joystick Configuration for Street Fighter 3

Right now I am waiting for my custom stick to be built.

It will be a Seimitsu LS56 octagonal gate w/ all Sanwa buttons.

What is your favourite custom joystick configuration for Street Fighter 3 or just for any game in general?

dude get the ls56 with octo, but for buttons go sanwa all the way. The seimitsu buttons are not nearly sensitive enough for me.

sometimes the sanwa buttons can be too sensitive, meaning they will activate from the slightest graze of the button… yea they’re THAT good

I use both square and octagonal, but I FARRR prefer an octagonal gate to square. It is a bit easier to shoryu on square gate, but QCF/B motions are harder to do (at least for me).

As far as buttons go, Seimitsu all the way. They’re shorter than Sanwa’s, that is the only reason really.

EDIT: Nevermind, found the octagonal ls-56 gate on akihabara shop.


jeez, wasnt too hard for that guy to talk you into the LS56 eh? lol

Shoo where are you…

sanwa jlf8 with bat-top, 8 way gate, sanwa buttons.

not bad either. but thats closer to happ teritory. and if your going for a batt nothing beats a happ.

your right i did sell him on it. but i guarantee he will like it. if he doesent ill send him a free sanwa with both gates. it will mount in the same hole pattern if his stick builder does it right. my arcade machine will accept ANY jap stick as long as it has the right mounting plate.

Happ Competition stick and buttons :woot:

That’s what I grew up playing on and that is what I play on today :woot:

Can’t go wrong here :stuck_out_tongue:

i don’t like the way happs feel.

american sticks are too big.

no homo.


Agreed 100%.

I think the builder has to mount the JLF to the correct height, some of the builders mount them straight underneath the Plexi, which results in a way too high shaft. The LS-56/55 I think has the same height to the JLF, which makes it the JLF’s competitor in size, as opposed to the LS-32 and performance.

jlf & the ls56 both are to be mounted 9mm below the top surface. So switching between the 2 is easy.