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This is the SRK OS thread. Any thoughts on them place here:

I’ve played around with



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How about using the operating system you were born with, this thread sucks.

Windows 3.1 Homie!
I’ve used pretty much all the major ones, most comfortable with Windows7.

Yeah I remember 3.1 and NT 3.1 which came out around the same time as Mortal Kombat II 3.1

7 and XP are Microsoft’s best OS of all time. If I get 10 then I will use this as my background:

Obscure shit hardly anyone knows about or has used but me:

  • Plan 9 from Bell Labs Weird shit that I installed once. Interesting, but no reason to use it over Linux, which is far more widely supported.
  • Open VMS Talk about a BEASTLY OS! IT’s damn near unstoppable. It’s not free, though, so you can’t just download and install it.
  • Qubes One of my favorite security researchers started this project and it looks to be doing well. I haven’t used it yet, but I’m thinking about doing so in the near future. It’s security focused.
  • IBM Mainframe Z/OS I use this shit every day and it’s awesome, but I need to learn more about it. For the purpose of my job, I don’t even get to touch any o the actual OS side of things, although I kinda understand what’s goinig on behind the scenes. There is an emulator of the IBM hardware called Hercules that allows you to run it, but it’s completely unlicensed. I’ve thought about setting up a pseudo mainframe at my house, just for shits n giggles.
  • OS/2 More IBM shit. It used to be what the Mainframe used for it’s management console systems, but now they just use Linux. OS/2 was supposed to be a big competitor to Windows back in the day., but it didn’t happen.

There are others that I’m sure you’ve at least heard of like BSD, etc, but those are the ones that I’ve actually used, although I would exactly say I’m experienced with any of them.

I tried the whole Linux thing, but the community were dicks, and support for AMD was (and is) awful. Got tired of dudes telling me to write my own drivers for my new video card, and just decided to stick with trusty ol’ Windows.

my Windows 10 install popped up today, too

Don’t listen to the Linux neckbeards. The thing is that AMD support is pretty shoddy and you do have to go through some extra effort to get 3D support working, and even then you still won’t have all the features that the Win drivers provide. But anyone telling you to write your drivers is an uninformed fucktwat.

You have to realize that there are two sets of Linux drivers for AMD graphics, the Open Source driver and the Proprietary driver (often called “Catalyst”) the two are not the same. The Open Source driver only provides the most basic 2D-only graphics capabilities. The Catalyst is the much higher performing 3D driver. The newest drivers are ONLY supported on the newest hardware, so if you have old card you cannot just go grab the latest propritaery drivers from AMD’s site and expect them to work. They won’t. You can repackage them, which I imagine is what the fuckwad who told you to “write” your own driver meant.

Catalyst drive installation is pretty well documented for most distributions and some even have full packages available for that specific distro. It can get frustrating, but the future is looking bright, as Linux gaming support is starting to take off.

If you need help feel free to holler at me, and I’ll see what I can do.

I was born in 1982. According to Wikipedia, that was the Genera Operating System.

So yeah, stuff it.

MS-DOS for me during my birth year

Gameboy Advance

Latest releases of the big 3:

Windows: 10 (v10.0.10240) (July 29, 2015; 17 days ago)

Linux: 4.1.5 (10 August 2015; 5 days ago)

Apple: 10.10.5 (Build 14F27) (August 13, 2015; 2 days ago)

man, OS/2 Warp takes me back :stuck_out_tongue:

i got to fuck with z/os mainframe nonsense a little in college, and I hated it lol

I seem to recall Microsoft pulling off some high level corporate jujitsu to torpedo OS/2 back in the day (this was before MS became a titan of industry).

Used OS/2 a bit back in the way way back, bookstore chain I worked for ran one of their big databases on it for years long after it stopped being remotely relevant. Seemed alright from a usability standpoint, no worse than the Windows of the time.

For modern OS selection Linux is by far my 1st choice, but you do need some base knowledge or at least the drive to learn it before it is a practical option for most people.

IBM got fucked over by Microsoft and it was the best thing ever because IBM was basically Microsoft back in those days and fucked over everyone else, themselves included. If you ever want to see a convoluted, bloated and needlessly complicated computer system, then get an IBM system. Working with their enterprise units is an operation in madness. You cannot call it a “reboot” or at “boot-up.” No, it’s an Initial Program Load, or IPL. 90% of the process is learning how to speak the IBM language. And don’t get me started on model names.

Windows XP= Best. OS. EVER.

At least best Microsoft O.S ever. I’d still be using it were it not for my latest computer REFUSING to install it. So 2001 to 2015. Almost 15 years of XP.

Now? I’m using Windows 7, dressed up to look/sound like WinXP.

Windows 95 turned 20 today.

If your PC is not installing Win XP because of UEFI, then there are solutions for that. I’m not fond of UEFI myself, but not enough to get completely rid of it. I think that the open source community has had ample time to come up with their own solution to that problem, but the didn’t act, waiting for another Linus Torvalds to come along… that shit ain’t happening.

We need more Linus-like characters though, but I don’t think that development is at that point anymore, really. So people like him, Stallman and others will still step to the plate to represent us. But first, we have to tackle the NSA and this Internet of Things that’s popped up.

I don’t know why :confused:

I remember i kept getting a blue-screen of death during the installation. Something about non-complaint bios but, i don’t remember exactly. I loved XP and would still be using it today.

Just have to settle for Win7 w/XP style.

Using Funtoo and been on it for about a year. Arch was good, too, used that for about a year. I only boot into Windows to play games that don’t run well in WINE, which is many of them, lol. WINE is getting much better over the years, though. In 10 years, I probably won’t even need a Windows install.

just get in line and use windows 10 like the elites want you to

Yeah I’m pretty sure if you look for a bit you can find what’s causing that. But that’s besides the point. At this level, you probably should run an OS that has patch support anyway. No offense, but you probably aren’t cut out for defending your personal network vs. The entire Internet of Bad Things… Running Win XP is just inviting those things into your network where you can never, ever see them.

I pulled my wife and kids off XP a few months ago and she is still complaining, but I’m not. They don’t need to get hacked.

If you want an OS you can walk away from without having to worry about stupid shit happening that ruins your day (provided you aren’t running a web server or some shit), then just run Linux. Even an older kernel is better than running Win XP.