Ono talks about new street fighter alpha game

i went on eventhubs and there was an article on talks about a new street fighter alpha game.
here is a link to it,

i myself cannot wait as alpha was my favorite series out of all the street fighter games :slight_smile:
hopefully there will be more info over the next few months :woot:

I thought three had been released recently. Do not trust anything that Ono guy says: the games play nothing like old (pre-Alpha) Street Fighters.

yes it was,but this is about a new game, i know what your talking about your talking about sf alpha 3 max comn out on ps3 online :slight_smile:

i hope tough they make a new or remix alpha for xbox, would be a shame not to. :frowning:

Don’t get your hopes up. But it would be nice to see a new Alpha 2, or a combination of ST and A2’s gameplay.

A4 would be amazing. I loved A3 so much and if V-ism is back with a some tweaks, then I’ll be content. Needs more of my avatar.

A3 max is online now? I thought this was only for the psp.

^Couldn’t have said it better myself. If they would just release an arcade perfect port of alpha 2 and alpha 3 on XBLA/PSN with GGPO netcode, then I’d be quite content.

I think the Alpha series should end. It had a good life, but what could another Alpha game do differently than SF4 and the Tekken game? Aside from giving every character a groove system. Now an HD remix of Alpha 2 and rebalanced Alpha 3 I’m all for.

Plus you have to keep in mind that Capcom will eventually do an SF5. Now wouldn’t another Alpha game just flood the market and confuse consumers?

Alpha3 max or Hyper Street Fighter Alpha for x box arcade would be a great addition. SSF2T was a great starting point for utilizing supers, however the alpha and ex series really did an excellent job of fleshing them out. I know if Capcom made a port of any version of Alpha 2, 3, or Hyper with net play it would definitely reach the company’s net goals because there is great interest in the series. It would be a day one purchase for sure.

I’d be down for a new Alpha game. It’d be nice to see another SF game along side the main series.

Not if Ono touches it…

SF Alpha was prob my favorite series. Id love to play it again.

From what I’ve played of Alpha 3, it was really fun. I could go for an updated version on PSN. They might as well anyway, only other SF series to not get an update for online at this point is EX…

How much more is he going to fuck up the SF franchise?

Ono recently said that he wants to split the SF franchise in two. One for casuals, another for hardcore. Im hoping its the latter with alpha, since we already have 4.

i personally am not such a big fan of that idea, I think there should just be a separate online mode for people who want to play it like smash brothers

LMAO wow.

I can’t think of any game i’d want more than alpha 3 for ps3. As long as it has all the same modes as the psp version with GGPO then I’d be one happy camper.