Online Wiimote Zero Spammers

I figure if we can have a topic where we expose ragequitters, we can have a thread where we can expose people who like to be little pansies with Zero’s charge special whenever they realize they can’t win without using it.

Link - Ultra Ace (900 BP)
Ballinon - Super Champ (1400 BP)
AFX - Champ (1000 BP)

Feel free to contribute.

I fought one of these Hadangeki spammers online and to make matters worse it was super laggy so I could hardly do anything. Pretty annoying, but they also can’t do the crazy shit that fight stick/classic users can do, so maybe it’s a fair trade.

I wouldn’t really call that a fair trade. Sure, they can’t do advanced combos, but in exchange they get a super fast spam move that is a bitch to avoid with online lag, especially if they use sogenmu so that now they are doubling the projectiles.

In the meantime, you’re trying desperately to super jump so you can get to them while taking quite a bit of chip damage.

the best way to fix online mode for wii is to not use it at all.

DMZ and OpenDNS are your friend.s

But yeah, Wiimote Zero is dumb shit. Him and Tek Blade are ridiculously stupid and braindead when it comes to Easy Operation. I guess that’s what you get when you play fighting games online againist Smashtards.

Got another one on video: [media=youtube]6EPlqFcy1qA[/media]

Thumbs up!

zero is a tough character to use well with the wiimote, i would know, and i freaking hate when i get noob bladed forever from across the screen. i fought a skilled ptx user and for some reason he decided to use zero, and that was literally all he did, i wanted to punch the screen. do some combos, mix it up or something!:mad: RAWR!