Online Ranks

How exactly do they work? I was 9th Lord and lost 2 matches and got knocked down to 9th Judge. I’m so confused how this thing works. The more detailed the explanation, the more appreciated it will be!


it goes by how your playstyle is
I.e Lord seems to be balanced in offense and defence
Judge is defense
the other one is Offense.
anyways thats what I think it is.

If you click on your license you will see a graph of your play style, within the graph you see arrows pointing to the different direction. Then notice the white bubble. The bubble is basically what your rank is. When the arrows move the bubble moves with it. For example if you get to the max stability on the arrow then the bubble will start to move toward stability. Each of the different category is a type of rank. For example stability is “lord.”

I noticed this when I was 4th lord lost a few matches then became 4th scout. After winning about 10 matches in a row my arrow was at the peak of the stability but I still was a scout, because the bubble hasn’t completely moved over. Won another 10 matches in a row and the bubble moved back to stability and I was now 3rd lord.

So what is stability? How often you win?

And so being a Judge isn’t necessarily a down-grade from a Lord? I’m guessing the numbers before the titles (ie 9th lord) are based on the amount of matches played or won?

Stability = winning a lot. No matter how your play style is, if you win a lot your stability will be the highest and you will be a lord. You want lord

Ranger/Scout = offensive geared play style of someone who doesn’t win enough to be a lord

judge/the other one (i forgot the name) = defensive geared play style of someone who doesn’t win enough to be a lord

Advanced/basic offense/defense determine if your a ranger or scout and the same goes with advanced/basic defense.

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