Online play superLOLz

Let me preface this by first saying that I love this game…and this was pre-patch

Now here’s what happened
Was playing last night(on 360) w/ a friend about 1200 miles away.
Connection was a solid yellow all night and generally playable but not perfect. We played for about an hour before it desynched in the first round of a match, froze, then after about 5 seconds we were playing right where it left off…the rest of the conversation went like this

me-first time I’ve seen this one desynch
friend- ya weird it kept playing

--------@60 seconds goes by-------

friend- dude your Clark sucks
me- LOL, I’m Robert.
friend- I just beat your Clark
me- You haven’t beat shit, I’m about to OCV you
friend-WTF are you talking about, you’re Iori?
me-…hang on…are you high?
friend- and now Iori’s dead
me- I’m still Robert…you are still fighting my first character
friend-no you just lost

then my game froze up and sent me back to the lobby before we both realized we were fighting computer controlled versions of our characters after the desync

This went on to randomly happen 3 more times.

Anyone else experience this?

Once, and it freaked me the f’ out.

I almost wish I did have an expierence liek that so I could have a story to top that one, lmao.

But wow that’s real bad.

Lol that was hilarious.
Never happened but w/e lol.

slow golf clap

happened to me on GGPO when I was facing Emil in 98… I thought I was doing so well :sad:


Hahaha. Man, it’s so saddening knowing how fun this game is, and yet the package/online is gonna keep the masses away from it.