Online Edition patch and local versus character selecting problem

Hi everyone.
I guess this question was asked a million times before, but it’s kinda hard to Google it in any way to find the answer, so I’ll try my luck.

After the latest update me and my friend noticed, that after playing in local versus the winner can’t pick a new character, only Super, like in the arcade mode. We tried to find any option to turn it off in the menus, but there’s nothing there. Anyone knows how to fix that? Quitting to the menu and selecting local play every time is rather annoying.

there’s no way to fix it as far as we know. yeah it’s super lame. at this point it’s probably just better to play versus in arcade mode so you don’t need to deal with the extra menus and stage selecting that comes with versus mode.

Stage selecting is ‘something to deal with’. I’ll never understand some of you people.

A lot of 3s players like things to be like they are in the arcade version. It’s not really difficult to understand.