Oni's Artwork, something I noticed about it

Hope no one minds me posting this but there is something I noticed recently about Oni’s Artwork for AE.

Firstly, here is Oni’s artwork;

You probably wondering so what, well, take a closer look at the balls floating around Oni, notice anything? How they make a shape, like this;

In way, it resembles this;

Of course, I could be reading too far into it but it’s just something I noticed, might be a Easter Egg, who knows. Just thought I’d share this.

  1. You (conveniently?) forgot one of the spheres.
  2. Where does * look like Tian? There’s no resemblance at all.
  3. What is this supposed to prove in the first place? That Oni has a link to Akuma? I don’t think that’s a particularly new “idea”?!

Wait, let me

[details=Spoiler]I THINK ONI MIGHT BE A NAZI!!!


Your lines don’t even look like the “tien” that’s been associated with Akuma’s demon stance. Your little lines there more closely resemble the character “da”, which simply means “big” in Chinese. Not sure if Japanese is any different, but they share certain similarities with how characters are pronounced or written.

And like the previous guy stated, you’re missing one of the spheres.

Tian :sunglasses:

There’s an official English spelling for a Japanese word?

Yes, there is official pinyin transcription. :slight_smile:
How many people are going to call it Tienanmen Square?

Oni’s artwork also has the evil star and Illuminati eye. It’s sign from Illuminati,they are brainwashing us, I mean Illuminati even exists in SF3 how can you not
believe it?



I like breaking the wing on the plane stage and shouting “TAKE THAT ILLUMINATI!”.

Lol. It’s weird how theorist cats never notice how much the eye and Illuminati is used in SF. S.I.N. 's symbol is also Illuminati’s symbol,lol. So Illuminati is in 2 SF games and it’s soo un-vague.

No idea what that means but yep, tons of Illuminati in SF3 (Storyline) and SF4 (S.I.N symbol and random stuff in stages… there’s one hidden one you can only see on a certain side of the screen on the Vegas stage on a car… yet no one noticed/brings this up…)

“Tian” would be the Chinese reading; if you want Japanese it’s “Ten.” Either way it’s not in the artwork.

Sure if certain beads continue to be ignored.

Not no one by a long shot.

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I was going to say special needs folk but you might be on to something.

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Sorry, I didn’t realise playing Street Fighter at 32 wasn’t nerdy, man you must be living the life!

Fuck the haters man. Please continue posting your artwork findings for Oni and the rest of the cast. The comments here are quite amusing :tup:

Ya’ll dudes forgetting the most obvious thing.


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There’s a “cool guy” age limit for playing SF? Wish someone had told me sooner.

We all know the cool guys are the ones who go to fighting game forums and act like they’re shit.

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