Ong-Bak The Thai Warrior AV Request!

You know that part in the movie where Ting(Tony Jaa) jumps out of the oil fire with his pants ablaze and knees that guy in the shoulder? I want that. Or at least the jumping part. If thats not possible how about the part where Tony Jaa jumps off the pick up truck and knees the guy in the motorcycle helmet(breaking it in half)? If it can’t be moving then just a still shot of the impact(or still shot of the jumping flaming kick) would be cool!

Thanks Alot!


yeah dude i think your request just got "ong"ed.

i think it’d probably help if you supplied either the animation or the still frame you wanted. im sure lots of people would be willing to help out after that. :smiley:

Here I found the stills:D Can you shrink them all?

there is no way to compress the DVD quality video to work for the size required by the site… sry bro