Onechanbara Z Kagura with NoNoNo! November 7 Hardcore combos, advanced gameplay and gore

It surpasses its predecessors and revolutionizes the standard of action games!! It even surpasses Bayonetta, MGR, DMC, GOW, Ninja Gaiden, and Lollipop Chainsaw!!
Better controls, combos, customization, camera, campaign length, blood/gore, action, great playable (unique) characters, and much more!! :slight_smile: (well yea, people will rant about graphics, but it actually looks great considering the sum of its parts is well above anything else in the genre. Plus PS2 wouldn’t be able to handle these graphics, and the graphics and animations are above and beyond Bikini Samurai Squad/Zombie Slayers/Vortex. )

For those that want a localized PS3 version, you can contact D3 Publisher US. I plan on writing up a email to them, it’s really a great idea to
localize this, especially with PS3 being more japan gaming friendly and
more diverse market for all kinds of games to sell successfully.


Official website

some customization features

7+ minutes long trailer

gameplay demonstrations

The Cool Combos also require more timing, skill and deliver more rewarding feeling.
Oh just noticed that Tamsoft are the makers of the legendary Battle Arena Toshinden series that appeared since PS1!! That’s quite a reputation.
Also Onechanbara has PS2 origins, and recently with Z Kagura it has reached greater standards of action gaming with excellent moves and gameplay mechanics. :slight_smile:

Also Onechanbara is the only action series with fluid tag team features, plus extra mission mode supports splitscreen co-op (which isn’t as large as Bikini Samurai Squad’s splitscreen, but still something.) Z Kagura also has one of the greatest soundtracks ever!!

Slaughtering zombies, vampires and other beasties has never been so fun!! :slight_smile:

fucking surpasses bayonetta? kill yo’self.

Even DmC>this.

I look forward to the eventual Two Best Friends Play video.

Oh snap, Affinity found GD.

Any reason Killer is Dead was left off that list of games? How could you do that to all your liking the Japanese action games! Or at least being aware of them to say this game is better than all of them in one fell swoop. Killer is Dead is Suda’s best action game. Lollipop chainsaw there was more campy and less about the gameplay which still had issues that needed to be worked out.

In fact with the higher budget, more well known team & head developer, also a Japanese game here: It didn’t do so hot because of many things which included bad press. It should’ve been billed as the game for everyone who wants Bayonetta 2 but won’t shut up about their not buying a Wii for it. The game where every Japanophile can swing a sword around but doesn’t want to be a ninja all the time and can’t handle Ninja Gaiden difficulties. Female character designs in the game also reminded of the ones in Bayonetta and that game.

So I suppose with all the “cheesecake” of this game way beyond the misunderstood Killer is Dead stuff used to soapbox “issues,” there’s probably no chance for this to make any money these days if its brought overseas. Or of course less of a chance for an Atlus or XSEED to want to take a risk just to please a few hardcore fans. Just getting around this very Japanese take on English name of the game title seems like a big hurdle. Or I don’t know, depending on like, Did the last Earth Defense Force do well enough for D3? That’s their money maker isn’t it.

It doesn’t surpass Bayonetta, but it’s a good action game that happens to feature hot babes in bikinis.

And it’s better than Lollipop Chainsaw in many ways.

Too bad there’s no english version, but I’m doing fine with the japanese version (there’s plenty information/translation if you look around the interwebs)

Having a really hard time believing this will be better than a Platinum action game…

I’m not a big fan of shooters in general, so almost any other decent action game is better than Vanquish for me.

hi my name is atirador and i like bad games.

Time will prove me right! You’ll see!

lol, lot of horrible opinions in this thread. surpasses bayonetta, mgr, ng??? any decent action game is better then vanquish, teh greatest third person shooter we will probably ever see. the lulz over this slow boring ass looking game with combos.

Ok, let’s see

Better than…

…Bayonetta? Never

…Devil May Cry? It’s better than DMC2, 4 and DmC (the new one) for sure. DMC1 and 3 are better than this game, hands down

…Metal Gear Rising? Never played this one and probably never will (despite it being for free on PS Plus) because I hate anything related to Metal Gear, so I can’t give an opinion

…Ninja Gaiden? Ninja Gaiden Sigma was annoying as hell, I never finished it, so, yes. NG Sigma 2, on the other hand, is better than Onechanbara Z

…Lollipop Chainsaw? Juliet is a more likeable character and the game has a better/funnier story, but Onechanbara Z is a better action game. So, yes.

…God of War? Here’s where things got tricky. In general GoW games are way more well produced and refined, but the replay value of any GoW is almost zero to me. It’s boring once you finish the story of each game. Not to mention Ascension is a terrible game, worst in the series. So, yes, Onechanbara Z is better than GoW series in the long run, offering you 5 playable characters (with the DLC) with some degree of variation in the gameplay, that alone gives you more enjoyable hours than even GoW 2.