One-year-old Indian born with THIRTY FOUR fingers and toes

people in india/pakistan need to stop marrying their cousins.

why is it that the middle east countries always get weird shit happening to them. I remember a baby being born with a tail.


the hell? :confused:


What no article or video link?

They usually label children with birth defects (proper word?) to be the reincarnation of some deity. Anyone remember Lakshmi?

Spider hands, spider hands ♪
They grab things you don’t think they can ♫

seriously though I think the real miracle here is that he was born when he was a year old.

its interesting, India has the highest rate of weird defects. And they may be the oldest continuous existing culture in the world. Unintentional incestual breeding?

Here’s a scary question for you…

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Is it actually a “he”? Or a “she”?

How the hell is he gonna ever get SHOES? I was just talking with a friend about a woman who wear’s a size 12 and only has about 10 pairs of shoes. Which is nothing for a woman, who nowadays have upwards of 500+ pairs. She can’t afford them because she has to get them custom or special order or something.

It has nothing to do with inbreeding, first cousin pairings rarely cause any birth defects and is actually quite common worldwide.

To be frank, it’s the water. 800 million out of the 1.1 billion Indians live in squalor and are exposed to factory waste, untreated water, and malnutrition. When you have hundreds of millions of people living in those conditions, birth defects on a grand scale are to be expected.

Truthfully, it disgusts me how many of them still bathe, swim, and wash clothes in the Ganges when the water has unimaginable levels of filth and is septic. Seeing photos of little Indian kids splashing around in water with cow carcasses and multicolored human feces floating around makes my skin crawl.

There’s also been theories that polydactylism might be more prevalent in certain racial groups than others for whatever reason.


I hate to say it but this is the first image that pops into my head when I think about India. I don’t even like going near old dishwater so I just don’t understand how people can willingly bathe in that filth… unless they don’t have a choice.

I’m wondering how awesome this person could be at playing piano… I’d really like to see the results there, assuming he or she has natural control of all the fingers.

It would also be great to see this kid slap a bitch…it would probably be more powerful and impressive than an average person’s slap.

might be a twin that didn’t separate completely in the womb. they also call them chimera. if they do DNA test on the fingers, and find 2 different DNA, then it’s a chimera.

wow, just… wow

Toxic waste here we go go go, China will be fun time soon!

It is more than likely and under-developed twin.

What the fuck… wow.

I was thinking at first “Why is this on SRK ?” Then I thought about it. IT’S BECAUSE HE’S BANNED FROM FUTURE TOURNAMENTS. Gotcha :smiley:

Someone get this kid a piano or at least a IIDX machine.