One touch team?!

So i intend to pick up Laura =] … i really want to use her for my second team … are these forums really active ? I love learning new characters and testing them at the house …so please if anyone wants to help me with her… i really intend on making her my secondary maybe even primary character!

There’s about 5 of us active on this forum, lol. Of that five, 3 of us are video makers, 2 of us are tournament regulars, and 5 of us are lab monsters.

We’ve all speculated on a gdlk team of X-23/Infinite character/Assist char, but none of us seem to have really gotten an infinite-ready character very strong yet. You’re welcome to be the first.

I say go Strange/Raccoon or Strange/Trish. Strange can build loads of meter and comes with bolts/EoA. TAC infinite isn’t bad with him. Trish gets you RH if on point, Peekaboo, unblockables if raw tagging into strange,etc. RR gives Log, traps, raw tag to strange to build meter, is small, and has some nasty trap rawtag setups if you go that way.

Umm…seeing as you’re one of THE IM players.

X23/IM(RB)/(Drones, Missiles, Cold Star, pretty much any of the assists that IM likes.)

RB gives you relaunches off throws and extends combos, guaranteed dirt nap incoming, great oki/neutral coverage. You get IM infinites which in turn gives you TAC fakes. If you want to run the TAC route, you can do almost whoever you want in third and be set. X23 and IM like a lot of the same assists, anways.

I wouldn’t waste IM with his beam, RB is so much better for X23.

Proton Cannon’s a great DHC for X23 and if you have someone with an OTG super you’ll have a really GDLK THC for shits and giggles.

Find some of Wandles matches if you need some convincing for RB.

Ninja edit: If you don’t want to run the TAC team, then your third will have to be an assist that either OTGs or has a ground/wall bounce. So far I’m really liking Log trap for the trade between
a powerful neutral assist and great combo extender, plus I feel like IM probably has the hitboxes to convert off it and could probably use it for repulsor spread enders too. I imagine RR would really like RB too for mixups/unblockables/etc.

Also, Strange doesn’t have a TAC infinite unless you have a glyph in the corner (that I’ve seen yet, anyways.) so it’s not really match practical from a 1 touch kill perspective. Though I suppose it wouldn’t be a big deal to kill with a DHC, drop the glyph, throw a eye and hard tag.

Triple Edit: I actually sold myself on this team… I’m taking X23/IM/RR to the lab and seeing how it goes. Initial looks seem pretty solid. RB gives RR the lockdown he needs to be scary, Log Trap seems to be pretty decent for IM, both assists are amazing for X23. Neither of them need the OTG so I’m think I’ll be running CS for invincible alpha counters in to 1mil and I’d bet Tony can convert off it, pretty much useless for RR other than a basic spacing assist, though.

“5 of us our lab monsters” lmao. That’s well-said.

Anyway, I virtually agree with most of the stuff above. I’m one those people who love a strong hori assist for her, so you can’t go wrong with Unibeam imo. It grants her access to covered talons, protects her neutral game a ton, and creates amateur mix-ups the player can start with in getting a feel for X23. Once you start getting her game down then you should probably switch to RB, as it creates a lot more derpy shit X23 can use. In all, I’d say X23 is a solid pickup in your case because she jells with Iron Man quite nicely, but most of the people on these forums have given up on pairing her with him because it takes an amazing amount of dedication to get Iron Man to work at tourney level.

I play infinite teams with X-23 and I think they’re the strongest configuration in the game. You could play X-23/Iron Man/— or —/Iron Man/X-23 and have a lot of fun. Just make sure you have a good way to cover X-23 after the infinite ends when she raw tags back in for dirt nap.

I love my X-23(ankle slice)/Taskmaster(Horiz. Aim Master)/Super Skrull(Stone Smite). The skrull assist hits perfectly with ankle slice & Task’s up super is awesome for DHC’s. Tasks assist works well in combos from a h.mirage feint m,h call task, medium talon, D.h, land S. Can’t hit is consistently but bigger characters & mid to corner works a treat.

Edit: Both assists do wonders for extending taskmasters combos.

I’ve also recently started experimenting with X23 teams and came up with X23-Ironman-Wesker, I am looking to replace wesker as soon as I can find a decent corner carry with any other character, haven’t found one that also takes up horizontal space. But seriously, if X23 lands a hit from any side of the screen and relaunches via wesker to TAC, its pretty much game over unless they have sentinel, morrigan (3 bars) and c-viper all with X-factor. I’ve seen that calling the RB and then inputting dirt nap right when the character comes in prevents any kind of super (eg. hard drive) from coming in, I think because level 3’s override all supers done at the same time, similar to ST. If they do waste X-factor while blocking RB I think there is a way to bait the XF-Harddrive/morriganlvl3/EXburnkick, possibly even through some kind of option select but I have to test it.

Hardest part about doing the IM infinite is landing that j.H after the L smart bomb right before you fall. But besides that everything else is pretty easy, I’m surprised.
I have seen some problems though; first of all, pushblocking in random intervals while blocking the RB makes them fall down faster, which is weird. Might be me doing the RB at wrong timing. Also, the team compositionally (and I think any future superior X23 ToD teams) will become significantly weaker when X23 dies or someone else is snapped in. If anyone has a better assist for the pickup that also corner carries and adds to X23’s neutral game, please say.

Does the taskmaster arrows work for OTG, does it corner carry? If so I can see a lot of effectiveness in that. I tried RR log trap and it didn’t seem to do the job. And I’m not sure if Cold Star suits X23 since I believe she is a character that relies on left-right mixups

EDIT: shit I didn’t know about the feint loops, well that covers the corner carry bit… I still need a good horizontal assist to OTG off of, too bad triple arrow doesn’t work because that assist does wonders for her

You can relaunch from both Hori/Vert arrows.

Back on topic: I’ve been getting the Doom infinite pretty consistent lately, but have been running into a new problem. After killing with the Doom infinite, hard tagging into X-23, and activating Dirt Nap, it seems like too much time has passed for me to properly set up a meaty. I can set up a meaty by DHC-ing from Doom, obviously but then I’ll only be able to Dirt Nap once instead of twice (top-tier problems, lol).

Have to overcome this before any true 1-touch teams can be built, any thoughts?

Well there’s two ways. The hard way is what I’m trying to figure out, which is building two bars after the first dirt nap without killing the opposing character. This is really, really hard and ultimately inconsistent.

The easier way is to play Morrigan. She already has a TAC glitch, incredibly strong neutral game and now a non-TAC infinite, plus her best partner is already one of the easiest TAC infinites(Doom). So if you play Morrigan/X-23/Doom, you have a couple options.

Use X-23 assist to force TAC to Doom, glitch to your favorite direction, kill with Sphere Flame, DHC to dirt nap and call Dark Harmonizer. Call again after the kill and you should have 3 bars again.
With the corner infinite, Morrigan should kill with Soul Drain xx Pillars hyper, then DHC to Dirt Nap and call Dark Harmonizer. This way you don’t even need the extra assist call…

The only other way I can think of is using some other meaty setup to build meter off of chip after the 1st Dirt nap with a pinning assist and CSH H or something

I would do Morrigan/X23/IM if you want to run that kind of setup, you’re foregoing MoriDoom, but when you’re running a gameplan around gambling 3 meters 2 times per match, you need to be certain that you have every advantage going in. I played raw dog dirt nap X23 for a long long time and it’s just not worth the risk. If you mess up, you’re usually down a character and 3 meters. It won’t happen often, but as soon as they see dirt nap, people starting doing some crazy crazy shit and I think you need a guarantee.

If you want to go with Doom, you just have to be a little more patient and not go for dirt nap directly on incoming. Kill off the TAC, throw a missile or 2, hard tag, call missiles and do some safe string and as soon as they’re about to be stuck blocking missiles, take the free dirt nap. If they manage to evade the initial string, just hang back for a bit and wait for the chance.

One other issue with the Morrigan option is that you are going to have to pop XF to kill so you’re trading a specific setup based on 3 loaded gambles.

If you run the IM option plus a 2nd relaunch, you most likely wont get 2 dirtnaps, but you’ll either get 2 dead off 1 touch and preserve XF. Or 1 touch kill on the first character, then XF kill on the 2nd and free dirt nap on the 3rd.

I had an idea playing around with this team for fun (but no time for lab still):


Dante->TAC Meter Build or Dante Unblockable with X-23 Reset to get meter for the kill.
If Dante dies, I may have a problem, but I still have to figure that out anyways.

-> Dante Assist for Ultimate Lockdown into Kill with Dirt Nap and rebuild 1 Meter.

btw.: There is really not much Tech like this out there. Any explanations why? Is X-23 as an anchor that bad? (also considering the option the end the match right there with the ressources in the pocket?)

It’s not that she’s necc. bad, it’s that she’s incredibly better with an assist and doesn’t really gain anything from XF3 that she doesn’t gain from XF2 for the most part.

Only thing I would say about that team is that it requires all 3 characters to be alive to be guaranteed and you’ll probably just have people snapping X23 in since that’s the scary part of the team. Once she’s on point there’s not a whole lot of synergy going for her. She would have decent neutral assists (assuming you’re running beam) but no practical relaunch and both assists would scale her already shortened combos. Her Oki game is great against people that aren’t familiar with her, but people that can adapt or know the matchup are really hard to reset consistently so it’s nice to have the option to just kill without always having to reset.

Plus naked dirt nap can be XFGC thrown or just plain thrown on less airtight setups not to mention the few characters that you just can’t dirt nap on for free because of invincible air supers (it won’t happen all the time, but you pretty much lose the match when it does happen) so if you’re basing 1/3rd of the synergy around the gimmick, I would just put X23 on point so that you don’t have to worry about snap-backs or incoming mixups and you’ll always have Jam Session for the times where you do get the TAC into 5 meters. Last note on this kind of team, I don’t know if Doom’s beam can pick up after a dirt nap hit (it might be able to, though) and if you have to pop XF to OTG, you won’t be able to build the extra meter with people less than 900k-1mil health just because of how much damage she does (and that’s just XF1, XF3 would probably only be Thor and Tron). If you have a relaunch assist, you can get the meter on everyone except for Strider, Akuma, and RR (at least with what I’ve labbed so far.)

Okay, thanks for your input.

I’m a friend of XF2 anyways - so Dante(Jam)/X23(Ankle)/Doom(Beam) would also be an option I’ve considered.
When I call X23 at the end of a Combo, I should be able to TAC into Doom directly anyways.

I will play around and maybe join you with some Lab experiences, if I find some time.

Well, wasn’t working the way I supposed. Relaunch with Beam isn’t working (or at least not practical) - same goes with Dante. Back to square one.

If you want to play the infinite team. IM’s Repulsor Blast is the way to go. Covers dirt nap, strong neutral, works as an extender and he has easy infinites.

X23 is great with a character who can use the same assist she does to get mix ups/close.
[]Vergil Good DHCs - Rapid Slash assist for pushback and relaunches, Swords, RoundHarvest “can” set up X23’s lv 3 if you can confirm a block >teleport > Pushblock > Devil Trigger >DHC Lv3 (round is still on
]Dante - Jam Session DHC into X23’s level 3 if he’s on point (4bar)
[]Spiderman On incoming Spiderman has unblockable set ups on with web + ankle.
]Wolverine Fatal Claw combos into X23’s lv 3 on hit and block
[]Zero no explanations needed Lightning + ankle slice = ubnlockables Zero Dante X23 is strong
]Nova Wesker ect ect ect (unblockables for days into LV1 XF no meter death combo > lv 3 on incoming)

All the above can be paired with an assist of your choice (task, hawk , dorm a Beam assist (ironman doom)

Dorm There’s a japanese player you can view to get the idea of how dorm + x23 works
I forget his name but he uses Dorm’s Dark Hole assist to relaunch and get in (it’s good for lockdown)
i’ll link a vid in a few going to just post now.


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