One thing tht annoys you about AE Online besides lag

Besides lag, I hate people who beat me the first game and not join my request for a rematch. They scared. lol

or when people kick you out of an endless lobby after you wait matches and matches to play once

People who don’t realise they have their mic open, or don’t care. I get to hear the distortion drowned wailing of their rage/siblings/dog/beaten spouse at 10x game volume, and all game sound effects in super echo.

I know you can mute them before the match, but usually the bastards don’t start until it’s too late.

Usually the only people I get on mics who talk smack and stuff are hispanics or black people and stuff…im being 100% honest with this one and not trying to be racist

dear diary

on occasions, just finding a match… I enjoy street fighter but the lobby is a game in itself, reacting as fast as you can to discern the illusive yellow/green connection & refreshing at the exact moment you fail to find a match…

… Then finding a match…

…Then getting a denied error, even though you’ve played the dude before.

Does anyone else have any occasions where the system justs rejects them from entering any lobbies? i swear it seems to just, not like you some days.

When people make dumb threads.

Or when people post on the thread saying its dumb! good job man! gtfo

People who use the excuse of a bad connection as to why they dont want to play with me. Um hello my connection is yellow and yours is orange occasionally going to red. If anybody has the right to make that excuse it should be me.

People who think they know more than you in fighting games when you’ve been playing for 11 years.

-Tha Hindu

The fact that most people prefer it over offline AE.

This receives a YES!


Go do it for me since I’m too lazy haha.

The worst is people who you beat, who then rejoin and beat you, but then never come back to “finish the set”. That infuriates me. They’re all like “yeah I won, peace”, except that the score is 1-1… lol.

AE Online

Ragers/people who try to tell you how you should play.

How about those same people that you beat that come back and choose your character’s worst matchup? Then when they win they talk trash and don’t even bother to finish it. Ugh that pisses me off to no end.

Had one recently…

Joined a match, the guy had 15 wins in a row and beating good opponents. Im doing great… Beat him first round…
second round and hes losing badly… Im going for the kill and about to win the game then…HOST HAS LEFT THE SESSION.

btw, He wasn’t the host.

OK, I re-play the match… similar thing…but this time the new HOST leaves in round 1. But I eventually win the full replay though.

I also don’t like how you just sit there when you join a lobby… there should be a timer telling how long the match has left for you to
spectate or let you practise in the training while waiting.

^^It would be great if there was a “traning mode lobby” option^^

People from other countries and people with yellow and red connections trying to join my games. Then when you kick them, they rejoin.