One Stick to Rule Them All

Hello my friends.

I found that converters tend to work good for the consoles, but for some reason, I can’t get a converter for the computer to work that well (either lag, or temporary button-not-workedness ensues).

I have a gamepad for my computer, and would like to simply put an additional PCB in my (PSX) Arcade Controller.

I was thinking I would just wire it roughly the same way, and piggy back the button connections. (The obvious and most practical way I can think of)>

Is there any serious problems I’m oblivious too? I read here that you should never under any circumstances have two consoles hooked up at the same time (Is this true? If so, why?).

If it is inviting castrophe to hook up 2 systems at once, what’s the easiest way to jimmy up a switch to avoid abuse (I’m not the only one that would use the stick, and I’d like to do this for my friend’s stick as well - while me and him wouldn’t mess up the controller, we play games with a lot of people and I’d want them to be idiot-proof).

use a psx controller (or pcb in your stick) and get a pelican usb converter (no lag it works perfect)

almost all converters out there are ps -> anything else

Concerning your computer, you’re going to have a hell of a time with adapters and converters if it’s not an infection-free Windows XP.

Like shoo said, use a PS1 DualShock PCB… it’s good for PS1 obviously and also PS2, but with converters you can do PC, PS3, Dreamcast, Saturn, X-Box and Gamecube (and probably Wii as well by natural extention but not confirmed by anyone I know). Right now, X-Box 360 is the stubborn odd-one-out; it’ll either need its own dedicated stick, or you’ll have to do some REALLY fancy wiring.