One Step Forward and Two Steps Back

Hello SRK,

I’ve been practicing my SSF4, reading a lot about it on SRK and trying to apply some of the material covered in the threads in my own game. However it feels like I’m at a worse place compared to before. Before I started taking SF4 more seriously, I won a decent amount of online matches. Now that I’m trying to practice my BnBs and stuff in actual battles, I haven’t been winning a lot of my games even against easier opponents. I recently just got a fight stick as well so my controls are clumsy again.

It’s a really frustrating experience trying to keep track of all stuff I want to try while trying to clean up everything else. And above all else, losing game after game is just really discouraging and made me not play for a few weeks. Does anyone have similar experiences and have any tips that can help me work through this? I’ve tried using training mode to warm up before I play online and I also play with a friend frequently but it just seems like I’m getting nowhere.

This isn’t really an uncommon occurrence. When you are trying to practice new things in matches its going to be harder to win against people who aren’t trying to learn and are just doing whatever they can to win. Just try to not have an ego about “losing to people who are worse than you” and just keep trying to improve.

did you get that thing I sent you? :stuck_out_tongue:

I envy you, I took the game seriously from the start and I still haven’t won a match online. The only thing I can tell you is that you probably won’t get far if you’re not having fun. It took me hours and hours just to do one of Juri’s trials, but despite that I kept doing it because it was fun learning out the rhythm of the combo and I knew that I could do it. I’m definitely not a pro, but I think it’d be better to practice Bnb’s and execution in arcade mode. There’s still that feeling of a match but you don’t get frustrated losing to the computer as much, at least I don’t.

atleast you’ve taken a step forward, me Im so far down the ladder on GGPO (3s) that is not funny anymore. I almost feel like everyone on there is cheating, lol

Thanks for the responses, I suppose most of it I’m just getting too far ahead of myself at the moment. Funny story against playing computers, I got totally wrecked a few matches against Dan on the hardest setting.

No problem. When it comes to learning, plenty of frustration comes from making little improvement after a lot of time. I had to learn that the hard way. Mastery really doesn’t come overnight or over months for fighting games. If you’re enjoying yourself, even if it takes years to get good you’ll have fun every step of the way.

Seth on Medium-Hard ruined my day. Haven’t returned back to him to give him his just desserts yet though XP