One Piece Thread: Gear 3rd!


One Piece is the story of Monkey D. Luffy who embarks on a quest to the Grand Line, the most dangerous of all the seas, to find the greatest treasure left by Gold Rogers, the Pirate King who was executed 20 years ago, the One Piece. What the One Piece is, nobody knows, but it is known to hold a great value.

Along the way he gathers the oddest members a pirate crew could ever by made of as they venture through the dangerous waters of East Blue before entering the Grand Line.

The anime is mainly adventure, but has some kickass fights in it as a bonus with a twisted plot revealed rather late in the anime (and the plot thickens GREATLY around the 400th chapter of the manga), so if you’re looking for a good anime to watch, this is the one for you.

Now don’t let the ‘kiddy-ish’ art turn you off, as eventually you’ll get to love it as it VERY unique.

  • You can get the latest chapters from Mangastream
  • You can get the anime from Anime Media - Watch Episodes Online | Watch OnePiece | OnePiece.
  • You can also get spoiler info from Arlong Park.

I would like to note that there are fillers which you don’t need to download/watch as they don’t affect the anime’s story in ANY WAY. For the time being I would recommend not downloading episodes 54-61 & episodes 131-138, you CAN download them if you want BTW, since they’re not as shitty as Naruto’s AND Bleach’s. :looney: :rolleyes:

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New chapter:


Ok chapter

Not a fan of all the potential allies’ fates being left on a cliffhanger but the flashback with Bruhlee and Katakuri was very good, nice to see how they are interconnected like that.

On to the wano arc

Decent chapter i like that they showed what katakuris aftermath was and luffy waking up to eating food with sanji and the cook im vewry excited about how much luffy bounty is going to go up after beating katakuri and escaping from moms territory. I hope they dont show the the voyage of luffy for a few chapters i wanna know how law and zoro are doing!

Reviere Arc starts next.

Also next week is Golden Week aka Razor’s favorite week so no chapter.


How much memory did Pudding pull out? Regardless, seeing her so sad, I would like her to reunite with Sanji someday.

Bious is a mad massive asshole for loving that I love to complain about Golden Week. Bitch ass Japanese needing vacations from fucking DRAWING. Bitch, use a PC. Photoshop the shit and stop making me wait.

I loved that this chapter humanized the Charlotte family, especially Katakuri. I never liked the idea that bad guys are portrayed as always wanting to be bad or some shit. It was very well done and I’m excited to see what happens in 2019 since Reverie arc is going to be a lot of talk and last until Christmas.

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Seems to have been implied to be their kiss. Sanji apparently still remembers her and everything else from this arc but the images shown and her reaction appear to have just recent and imply that she kissed him and then took the memory of it.

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mangastream still doesn’t have the latest chapter up yet. I’m guessing the latest OPM chapter pushed them back a bit.
it is up elsewhere though.


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Luffy is finally in the Billionaire Boys Club! TBH although I knew this would happen when the 150 million beri bounty was mentioned; but unlike when he defeated Crocodile, Lucci and Doflamingo, this bounty hike seemed a little inflated based on “Big News” Morgans’ hype (e.g., Luffy being credited for the assassination plot against Big Mom) rather than Luffy’s solitary exploits. Hopefully with his newfound precog haki and an upcoming more refined Gear 4th he’ll redeem himself.

It seems presumed Haki God Shanks finally approves of a meeting, I’m thinking he’s already been informed decades before of coming prophecies and Luffy’s role in the whole story; the same goes for Mr. Zehahahaha himself Blackbeard. Both seem to be rather “in the know” regarding future events. This also makes me worry over Shanks’ mortality.

Zoro is gonna be pissed when he sees Sanji’s updated bounty, but I’m sure once the events of Wano have concluded he will cement himself in the 800-1 billion beri range.

Capone should probably be more pissed then anyone, they straight up threw that man and his crew in as a tag alongs after who knows how many months work to try to pull that plot, failure that it was off.

Slightly pissed off we didn’t get to see Reiju fine and dandy but hey at least we saw the return of… wait with his intro here and his abilities does that make him the One Piece version of joke Aquaman now?


After Big Mom arc went on for so long, the ending was just wtf… or I’m guessing its gonna get explained later. One whole chapter for Luffy to tell Jimbei not to die, another chapter which is just a song. How the heck did Jimbei and 66 get away? Don’t even wanna know anymore.

That was a very enjoyable chapter! I love when they tackle “the main” story