One Piece avatar request !

Can I have an avatar with this picture and my nickname on it ? Anything else is your choice to do.

ok, I’ll make it.

It’ll be done in a few minutes. :slight_smile:

Anyone who isn’t a damn idiot and wants to make me an avatar ?

Thats kinda harsh man.

:rofl::rofl: seriously DDD…ur startin to ask for a ban now.

You better edit your post.

I don’t think he’ll last long.:rolleyes:

Real smooth DDD, making that stupid avatar and then editing your post to make it look Sacr3d is at fault here.

That’s some grimey shit.

Here you go, dog!! :slight_smile:

What an idiot.

Not really my type of ting… but maybe you can use this 'till someone comes up with something better. :wink:

Its pretty good man, I like the effects. One thing I have to say, I know I might be asking for too much though but can’t you make the picture clearer ? I’m going to wear this one for now. Thanks

Edit: If you can’t its all good I’m keeping it !