One of the worst covers ever


These guys need to be shot. This is just God awful.

I understand covering old songs if you’re a signed band, but not new ones. That is unless you’re just a bar band, then who gives a fu**. I agree, feed a guitar to one of 'em and make the others watch. That’ll show em.

I challenge you with this [media=youtube]g3y0S9Iz8zQ[/media]

The 1st video: Wow. This is a new trend now-a-days. Just cover cover cover and get rich and famous. Rihanna is the mastermind of this. Its not uncommon for bands in other countries to cover new songs into their own language, but they just made it shittier lol. Not to mention the song is already stolen from JS. So its a cover of cover? lol

@ DioBrando

Thats actually cool. I like it!

But dudes… seriously… the WORST EVER cover I ever ever heard was this band covering travel in stygian by Iced Earth… it was so bad man. They took the video down though :(.

This one is pretty bad:

…ew? wtf people in the comments of the first video say stuff like “You took a good song and made it GREAT” <- wtf?

coldplay will never be the same.
damn banjos…

isn’t the rule that you’re just not allowed to do Final Countdown. Like no way to make it good.



This is one of the best covers ever, wrong thread

I actually like this version: [media=youtube]J0MDsl0nM6s[/media]

The youtube version is butchered, you gotta listen to the original cover.