One of my buttons are goin out on my EX2, just need a little input

Hi, I have a Xbox 360 EX2 and my B button is slowly fading out, it’s at about 70-80% now but i know that number will fall rapidly. I know how to replace the buttons on it and i pretty much know how to fully mod it. The thing is, I’m happy with it with the stock buttons and stick that comes with it. So my question is how do i go about finding the exact same buttons (and stick for that matter) as the stock ones(or very similar)? I hate those really sensitive sanwa buttons and I hate the free rotating(ball and stick both rotate separately) sanwa stick. thnx in advance

go to trading outlet, some people sell those. you should mod it with seimitsu buttons they are not damn sensitive. you can adjust spring in sanwa jlf joystick you should buy. my stick does not rotate i dunno wot ure talking about

Thank you for your input. What kind of trading outlet? You mean like a store? Also, what i mean by the ball rotating freely is if you hold the stem with one hand you can still “spin” the ball top as with the hori EX2 the ball top won’t spin unless the stem spins… D: it’s kinda hard to explain, i’m sure someone else knows what i mean

Your ball top is probably loose.

And the trading outlet on these forums.

Ohh ok i didn’t know about the trading outlets. Also I was referring to the Sanwa stick in comparison to the Hori EX2

Sanwa Joystick spins same as your EX2 Joystick.
Ball Top spins with the Shaft.
Nothing different in that.

I think you were holding a Sanwa Joystick with Shaft Cover.
If hold Shaft Cover, then Ball Top “seems” to be spinning freely.
But inside the Shaft Cover is Shaft, and the Ball Top still spin with Shaft.

Trading Outlet.

Ohhh… yeah, jdm got it right. Lol.

As for hating sensitivity, go with Seimitsus. They feel a lot more… “intentional”, for lack of a better term. It doesn’t activate when you lightly brush it like Sanwa does, if you get get what I mean.