One of Gen's Normal Throws' is stronger then the other O_o

I don’t know if there’s another Thread/Post about this, but I just discovered this today and it surprised me. Gen’s Shuraku (The Normal Throw where he pulls you forward and punches you away from him) does 130 Damage, while the Hozen (The Normal Throw that you hold back to pull the Opponent behind him and poke their back) does 120 Damage, regardless of Stance.

most characters have different throw strengths. most likely 10 damage difference for whatever reason.

Back throw has more range than forward throw.

Speaking of throws: did any of you succeed in doing cross-up oga after the back throw? It seems to be impossible for me.

if your close to the corner so the screen doesn’t pull away yes, you can. If your in the middle rare occasions hk/mk will hit since timing is strict.

you can do reg throw then oga or overhead witch seems more of a better option after throwing or after the landing a succesful oga C clk fadc overhead

Alright, thanks for that.