One more....promise

Man do i bother or what? :rolleyes:, but any ways since i went premium :wink: i can now get a bigger av…I was thinking maybe two fighters flying towards each other kinda like the scene in “romeo must die” but in 2d type then a flash of white right when they hit each other so this appears ??.??.08

thx alot guys :lovin:

bump…any one ??

make your description more specific (unless you don’t care).

“two fighters flowing toward each other” :r: can’t get much more vague than that.

:d: so basically, you’re telling me you don’t care what characters that might be used.

:rofl: my bad,
kinda of like one coming :r: and the other :l: u know, then a flash of white with the date ??.??.08

heres an idea

well maybe 2 street fighter characters or if possible 2 top tier mvc2 characters

If you wanted it still then what about Magus coming in with like some kick or something, and Cable jumping in with his gun. Cause I’d guess Sentinel would be out for this kind of av. And i’m drawing a blank with anything good to use with Storm. … . . .

any previews by any chance would be nice :wgrin:

no previews yet ey :sad:


maybe you should be more specific/pm someone who does animations. I can’t animate anything worth a damn so that’s why I haven’t tried anything for you… .

Well i guess i wont be gettin that av…:sad:

I’ll get around to it. Today is kind of weird so…don’t expect soon. I’ll most likely use SF characters because it would seem weird seeing marvel chars doing this sort of thing.

thx alot vegett0 :tup:,
do wat ya can <------ goes for everyone


Calm down he is working on it.

Sorry, i get a little impatient sometimes :wink:

Looks awsome yo :tup: , thx Vegett0 :tup: