One Direction Goes Better Than the Other: Blah

I have trouble doing Shoryuken motions when my character is facing left… I’m playing UMVC3 on a PS3 pad, and I’ve noticed that doing that particular motion with my left thumb either gives me a jump, a Soul Fist (I’m a Morrigan player), or a jab. I have chains where the Shoryu comes out just fine for like 5 times, but then a chain of 15 jabs and Soul Fists comes immediately after. QCF in either direction and DP in the other direction work just fine… is this something I just need to practice, or does anyone have tips? I notice that a VERY small motion upward seems to trigger a jump, and I almost have to swing the joystick past the “down” position when I go from left to down in order for the pad to read me.

Turn on input display, if something you didn’t want comes out, it’s because you put in the wrong inputs. Simple as that. Look at where you made the mistake, and rectify it. No magic, no insta-fix.

this is something that only can be corrected by practice, go to training and try to do a lot of consecutive LP SRK’s on the side that gives you problem with ken, practice is the key

This is normal.

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