On the verge of building my own box, just two three questions

Hello everyone, so far I have downloaded and looked through most guides. So far I’ve taken apart my xbox 360 controller with no problems, I’ve had the arcade box built thanks to my local carpenter, all the parts have arrived and seem to fit with no problems, now I only face the minor inconvenience of a couple of pointers and I was hoping I could ask for help concerning these via here.

Right now my biggest problem is how to get the 360 trigger buttons to work as normal buttons so that when I connect them, they will press and react like the other contacts as opposed to the ‘trigger style’ wherein you press it and it only stops after you de-press it (i’d like to be able to use all my buttons :slight_smile: ) I’ve heard that you need to solder on some resistors but I am not clear on the issue, If anyone can help I’d be grateful. So far everything seems to be working without problems.

My second question is how does the batter contacts for the 360 work exactly? The two metal springs are the first obvious connection, but I can’t see where the opposite pole is for the other side of the battery…

Any help would be immensely appreciated, I will put up photos of the stick when its done here :slight_smile:


A couple threads down for your trigger problem:

I am using the official MS pad though (the older version with TP3 printed in the bottom left corner) and it is slightly different to that…

I’ve not looked but I’d guess that they’re inside of the battery compartment that you put the AA batteries into usually.