On Ebay, Xrgb 2 +


all info should be there, any questions please ask.

How much were you looking for it. I would probably snatch it off of your hands if you’re not asking too much.

Last one on ebay went for 198
Mine is in better more complete condition so I would like to get a similar price.
Sorry if its too much.

Definitely ought to put my spare unit up on the bay when it arrives then…

Wow lol it won’t even be worth it to me. 398 dollars is the price of a 24 inch monitor in the states. Good luck with the sale though =).

I curse my country and its horrible diplomatic ways. Stupid dollar and it’s horrible value :crybaby:.

Its not all good here though.
The average food bill has gone up by around 15 20 a week!
Seems like everything has gotten more expensive. And not just by a few pence.
Some things have gone up like 20 - 30p.
Its getting impossible in this country.

worst part laurie is i feel like its going up in price every month!