Omega T. Hawk

What’s new:


  1. New Normal - Hunting Hawk - Fwd+HP. A 2 hits jumping overhead attack.
  2. Crouch MP can be cancel.
  3. Close MK is 2 hit. First hit can be cancel.
  4. Jump MK can cross up.
  5. Close HP is 2 hit. Can combo into LP Tomahawk or LK/MK Condor Spire.
  6. Crouch HK is 2 hit.
  7. Close HK is 2 hit. Cause juggle. Can follow up with any move even kick but not U2.
  8. Crouch MK cannot be cancel.
  9. Close MP is easier to link to another normal move. Example is that I can now do Close MP -> Close MP -> Crouch MP or Crouch MK. The Crouch MP should able to combo into EX Condor Spire -> EX Tomahawk -> EX Condor Dive.


  1. Condor Spire is now QCF+K. 2 hit at close range. T. Hawk move forward a bit on ground before take off.
  2. New move - Earth Rage - QCF+P. Similar to C. Viper’s Seismic Hammer. Strength determine the distance. When hit, opponent is knock into air and can be juggle (even with kicks, but not U2). EX version shoot 3 Earth Rages. Hit one to three time depending on distance. Normally close will do more hit except at corner.
  3. EX Mexican Typhoon - new animation.
  4. Condor Dive is now QCF+P in air. No bounce back on hit and block. When opponent is hit on ground, it cause a juggle which can only follow up with an EX Tomahawk or Condor Spire. Therefore you can Condor Dive -> EX Condor Spire-> EX Tomahawk -> EX Condor Dive. EX Condor Dive can be execute immediately at jump. Therefore you can do a very low Condor Dive. HP version move straight like a Condor Spire. You can follow up with another air move except for non-EX Condor Dive. The move will be treated as an neutral jump attack. Therefore a cool trick to do is jump forward Air Condor Spire then HP which execute the neutral jump HP.
  5. New Move - Condor Rise - 3K. The only thing I can find out is that it is a command neutral jump with increase start up. What the use? I can only think of buffering into a Condor Dive to make it easier to do a neutral jump Condor Dive. However it take longer to take off the ground and it cannot do an instant EX Condor Dive. Therefore I do not know what it is good for.


  1. U2 is back to 3P. Because now cannot have 2 Ultra.


  1. Jump MK -> Close MP -> Close MP -> Crouch MP -> EX Condor Spire -> EX Tomahawk -> EX Condor Dive (I was not able to complete the this combo but should be possible to do.)

If anybody can help

  1. What is the purpose or use of Condor Rise.
  2. Any thing I miss out or got it wrong.

Thank you for this, really interesting!..
BTW… it is Condor “Dive” , right? :smiley:

Thanks for pointing out. I have update it.

Condor Rise can be used to do standing 720. You can cancel the startup into ultra/super/special’s. has juggle points and can be used after ex spire for a reset. you can cancel the into Condor Rise/spire and do some gimmicks.

His DP’s seems to have full invincibility.

I’m a bit of a newb here (first post) but I’ve been playing T.Hawk for a while in omega and made some videos for his Omega Mode since I haven’t seen any yet. But I’m not sure ill be able to upload today… I don’t have any screen capture program or video editing software but I tried.

So far I’ve noticed that hasnt been mentioned yet:

Omega T.Hawk has some crazy juggling now.
Condor Rise is a special jump that also hits on the way up. A completely vertical condor spire basically. This is awesome because it can even hit slightly behind him and may repel those players that rely on the overhead crossovers. Haven’t played online yet to test its effectiveness against crossover attacks.
Condor Rise also affects Condor Dive. It seems easier to Condor Dive after Condor Rise. Also, after Condor Rise, it will let you Condor Dive from any falling height, unlike normal jump that results in a normal air attack.
Condor Rise hit puts opponent in a free juggle, anything will land and you can event hit them off the same Condor Rise jump.
Earth Rage is QCB+P not QCF+P

Ill try to see if I can upload some stuff.

Finally uploaded some stuff.

Condor Rise has properties that affect Condor dive. The first two are normal jumps with Inputs for Condor Dive. They don’t activate at such low height until I did the input after a Condor Rise. After a Horizontal Dive, PPP can be pressed alone to activate EX Condor dive.

Condor rise hits on the way up, and leaves opponent open for some juggles. Pretty fun combo to do but very difficult to pull off on a whim since condor rise has a pretty awkward hitbox.

I have some combo videos I uploaded but not sure where to post them if people want to see them.

Condor Rise can, as mentioned before, be cancelled into Specials, Super or Ultra on start-up. But like Viper’s Super jump, it can also be cancelled into normal focus. This means you can do meterless FADCs with Normal xx 3K xx MP+MK xx Dash.