Omega Sagat...thoughts?

I just took omega Sagat for a few rounds to see the changes and i gotta say in retrospect…the fact that they could make tiger knee connect flawlessly in a combo (like they did with omega sagat) yet left us to suffer with the janky AE TK for all that time is not cool.

His uppercut does excellent damage too…almost seems like a (dare i say viable?) version of sagat.

EX qcb + k is broken.

Try fj.rh > cl.rh > qcb + rh > fadc > EX qcb + k. 540 and looks so sick.

I like that cr. MP can be used in bread and butter combos without whiffing. cr. LK, cr. LK, cr. MP, HK TK does 235.

St. MP seems quicker and is special cancellable. You can replace cr. MP in the above combo with it if your opponent is standing. Great for punishing far opponents and stopping approaching opponents in footsies.

Linking multiple cr. LP’s seems to be easier. I don’t think it’s a 1-framer anymore.

Not sure what Tiger Claw is for. It’s pretty unsafe. HK TK reaches further in combos and does more damage.

Tiger Raid is godly. 2 bars for 320 damage and the reach is insanely good and allows you to cancel into it from any button at any range I’ve tried thus far. Best use of 2 meters. St. MP xx TR punish does 410 for just 2 bars.

Tiger Genocide now does 460 and seems to have pursuit property on air targets now. This means you can special cancel into it from a 160 damage HP TU and all the hits will land. There is now a second uppercut in the super now and it reminds me of Dudley’s super.

Overall he’s really fun. Wish that the TK, st.MP, and cr. LP changes were in the regular game.

those would be welcome changes, especially that knee.

some other notes:

  • hp dp isn’t fadc’able
  • Tiger uppercut won’t work with shortcut inputs (no more down back wiggle)
  • mp/lp dp can juggle with another raw dp
  • ultra input requires way more precision, you can’t just wiggle it out and have it come out, an unneccessary or missing input will make it not work
  • no red focus at all

That being said, rather than figure out a character with few legit tourney applications, I’m having fun playing vanilla sagat for the first time (i started playing in super). played a few endless battles, played sloppy as hell, looked and I was down 25% health to the opponents being down TO 25% health, vanilla gat is easy mode. so much damage!

Sagat can only fadc angry scar TUs in Omega

Having fun with him at least in this version.

Wanted to talk about angry scar a bit.

It makes Hp TU fadc’able, breaks armor, and gives juggle points to hp TU.

So you can do 420 damage for a two meter heavy punish like so

Close st. Hk xx qcb Hk xx fadc, fwd + hk (1 hit, hits twice in Omega), hp TU

The two hit fwd + hk is sort of cool because you can hit them from a jump from tip of the normal and get one hit. This way you can mp TU for a juggle.

Also, fake hk now is a normal. It is plus on hit but I dont know how plus yet. I got a cr. mk/sweep to link from it though and U1 from a counter hit in the corner

A bunch of these are universal - there’s no red focus in omega, and inputs are more demanding for all characters. In fact, Sagat has the first exception I’ve noticed: you can still get tiger knee without standing, which makes combos easier at least.

I swear light tiger knee has significantly less recovery on block, meaning you can do tighter block strings.

I’ve noticed that juggling seems weird - I haven’t been able to get toward roundhouse after trades.

Totally discovered this by accident but its real cool: far standing medium punch is way buffed. It comes out much faster, and it can be canceled into specials. It still whiffs crouchers, but its still a super safe way to check people walking forward.

Someone can correct me if I’m wrong, but his fireball game actually seems worse in Omega, because EX fireballs don’t seem to launch as high, meaning you can’t hit someone against the edge and combo into ultra 2.

Someone asked about tiger claw: can you FADC out of the last hit? It might work as a max range combo into ultra if you can FADC the last hit.

I actually think Sagat is the weakest/most confusing omega character that I’ve played, because so little of his core stuff seems buffed. Ryu’s fireball game got INSANE, his fast fireball is crazy fast, parry lets him win fireball wars really easy. Sagat’s uppercut does more damage, but his heavy one doesn’t have reach: for some reason they reversed the forward range so that lightpunch has the most. I don’t understand how Sagat is supposed to be played, he’s clearly not the best fireball character anymore. I feel like there’s some mysterious thing we haven’t learned, like he can jump cancel his fireballs or something, or they forgot to list a move - it’s real confusing.

Like for example: you guys notice that he lost his forward light kick link into jab? I’m not crazy, right? I tried to land that like a dozen times and never hit it. But they changed the sound, so that when you hit someone with forward light kick, it makes a heavy impact sound. It makes me think you can special cancel or it or SOMETHING, but no dice. Even his new target combo just seems confusing - why would you ever do that?

Everything worth mentioning has already been pretty much pointed out.

The Tiger Raid is pretty devastating, his Super having some actual viability, crouching light punch being easier to link, and the standing medium punch being cancelable is pretty neat, but all in all, I’d say Omega Sagat is very incomplete. And since Edition Select is the name of the game, you might as well just pick Vanilla Sagat, since that is the most complete version of the King.

Capcom obviously didn’t know what the they were doing when they altered this character in Omega. The job they did is very half assed, just like USF4 in general is half assed. Very untested, very incomplete.

And as Mnszyk mentioned, his forward light kick into jab link seems to have been removed, but instead, makes a heavy impact sound in which you cannot do anything afterwards. Its ridiculous… like Capcom wanted to do “something” with it, but never got around to it.

All versions of Tiger Claw are very punishable. The Light version seems to be most applicable since it hits low. Some risky mixup opportunity off this for sure. The medium version, and heavy versions are only good when hit confirmed, maybe for visual/swag/styling purposes. Jumping roundhouse, standing heavy kick canceled into heavy Tiger Claw does a pretty reasonable amount of damage, but less damage as opposed to cancelling the heavy kick into heavy Tiger Uppercut.

One thing worth mentioning… his Close standing medium punch comes out crazy fast. This allows for combos such as:

Within close range - -) close St.Mp or -) St.Mp . New BnB’s that when ended with Tiger Raid, does a shit ton of damage.

There is a new handful of combo possibilities Omega Sagat has. Once again, neat… but the tools aren’t nearly as good as what vanilla Sagat possesses.

My thoughts: Vanilla Sagat is still the King, but Omega Sagat has a gimmicky fun factor. Wish we could have vanilla Sagat back fused with things from Omega Sagat in the regular game, such as the special cancelable standing medium punch, the faster startup close medium punch, the improved crouching light punch, and definitely the new and improved Tiger Genocide (super).

I’m over 1.04 already. Looking forward to a better Sagat in SF5.

noticed the low step kick with a heavy kick sound…not sure what that was about and yeah, it definitely doesn’t link into cr lp

Seems that cr. lk and cr. mp link into close st. mp. Very easy link to do off of cross up.

Regarding step kick, you can only juggle if it hits once except if you have scar stocked.

Pretty much this Sagat seems to be predicated on scaring every chance you get. As a matter of fact, you can even do just for troll purposes mp TU xx fadc, scar, hp TU for life

Close st hk xx hk tiger claw xx fadc is a good punisher since you get some juggles after. Check my last post for an example with scar.

Some fun combos I found while playing around are:


  • Angry Scar > (build meter back up for super) > HK tiger claw > super (gotta time it SUPER close to the ground)
  • Angry Scar > HK tiger claw > HP TU (same height as hitting super, but mashable) > FADC > U1/U2

If you do a step kick in the 2nd combo after TU FADC, the juggle won’t happen with the Ultra.