Omega Mode Cody Thread (Discoveries/Tech/Matches/Ect)

Figured we should have a thread dedicated to Omega mode Cody exploration/matches/matchups/videos and keep it separate from the main Cody stuff.

Omega Mode is probably going to be out in ~3 weeks so this’ll become lively soon enough. I know that I’ll be exploring him a bunch myself even if no one is taking Omega mode seriously.

Currently known changes:

New Moves
Final Combination [Performed with Forward + LP xx LP xx LP xx LP.]
Cody performs his Final Fight chain combo via Far LP-> Far LP-> Close MP and ending with a criminal upper style launcher. Each hit moves Cody forward pretty dramatically so he can do this from far away. It is possible to perform a special throw during the combo similar to Guy. Currently unknown what the input is or if it’ll be possible to do during blockstun (unlike Guy’s) or combo out of the throw like Guy can. Final hit can be EX FADC’d and comboed after. Regular version can be followed up with specific moves without an FADC near corner. Throw cannot be followed up.

Mega Crash
Cody performs his Desperation Attack from Final Fight, a spinning version of Crack Kick. The input for the move is currently unknown. It costs 1 bar of meter and has some invincibility. All other details are unknown. Loses to crossups.

Move Changes
crouching LK looks to be able to be chain canceled into other lights OR has enough frame advantage to combo to crLP / F+LP

Crouching LP with knife This move can be special canceled at the very minimum into EX Criminal Upper. It is currently unknown if other knife normals can be special canceled or if it’s possible to cancel into non-ex moves.

EX Ruffian Kick now a 3hit sequence of attacks. Can followup the final hit which launches. Looks to be VERY unsafe as the move executes all 3 attacks based on proximity rather than on hit. This means if you jump over him he does the followup, if you block the attack he does the followup.

Criminal Uppers Regular versions now do far less hits, LP is only 2 hits now it seems.

Zonk Knuckle looks to be identical except causes a short range knockdown on hit instead of a far spin out. Also causes almost zero pushback on block. Appears to be just as slow, just as short range, still loses to lows, and still unsafe onblock but now can’t even be safe due to pushback.

Knife Stance Focus You can retain the knife during an EX Focus Attack Dash Cancel. It is currently unknown if it’s possible to actually perform a focus ATTACK or if it’s possible to keep the knife when charging a regular focus.

Ultra 2 it is now possible to get all non-animation hits as a juggle on an airborne opponent. Dust and all wrench swings connect but the final hit wont trigger the special animation on airborne opponents anymore. Likely means that 1hit Dust -> Wrench Swings wont result in getting the animation anymore either.

Cody starts at 1:11

Prepare for disappointments.

I’m playing with Bison on Omega if Cody only does that…

I was already prepared Eternal :wink: Really looks like a horrendous PC mod. Looked like chainable into cr.lp which would be a nice addition in the real game.

Some good news guys, Cody got a new version of badstone in addition to his normal one. It’s really low to the ground (they used his badspray animation) but it’s fast and has good hitstun. Cody can combo into it and EX FADC combo out of it. Low Stone -> EX FADC -> CloseMP - crHP combos.

F+MP combos to closeHP now.

CloseHK is now a 2 hit normal that resembles Poison’s closeHK.

Throws almost universally got a damage increase, combined with the weaker Oki off of throws since you can quick rise Cody’s frame traps are better now. If I had to guess, it looks like Cody’s Back throw does ~170-180.

I haven’t logged in to SRK forums in a long time…but I came to say one thing.
It’s the one thing I used to see people post about all the time saying it would never happen and I thought so too.

But it did.

They gave Cody his Alpha 3 doge.

LOL. Wow. This is going to be fun.

…he even whistles.

@Tenchi sooooooo, rip fireballs against Cody??

KKK is the final move input

@BixHD Well…I only tested it against a HP Hadouken and unfortunately it invincibility doesn’t last long enough to dodge a fireball. But it seems close. So maybe a fast projectile like EX Sonic Boom. Needs more testing for sure. So far I seems to dodge regular attacks pretty well though.

You can do back + lp on the 3rd hit of the lp chain and he does a quick punch behind him. This links into

  • EDIT: also chains into other light attacks, INCLUDING the forward+lp chain. You can get at least 4 reps in the corner.

I gave it a try, and found I could dodge one of Poison’s fireballs, but I can’t recall which I tried it with. The problem is that the timing is absurdly strict, so I’m not sure how useful it is for dealing with fireballs.

He got a new dodge, not the Alpha 3 one. A3 was automatic and looped into itself so you ALWAYS could dodge stuff. New dodge is down+3K and doesn’t last very long. He can’t possibly dodge most slower fireballs, including Ryu’s LP fireball. He can dodge a HP Fireball but it’s strict timing.

Omega cody got fair number of nerfs too. heavy punches are now 80 damage for instance. His EX Criminal Upper has ZERO invincibility to ANYTHING. Close HP can’t be as easily used for meaties as the hitbox now changes position, but it can be used for anti airing. HP Criminal Upper no longer combos from lights. Criminal upper now knocks down on first hit so he can’t do FADC combos from it.

Also he is based on his AE2012 version. Slower walk speed, F+HK not airborne, badstones don’t release properly when held, ect.

His knife was barely changed :frowning:

Normals - same damage, including chip, no fix to crouching normals not being crouching, no frame data changes, no juggle options anymore. crouching LP, standing LP, and close standing MP 1st hit are special cancelable. He can’t do farMP or any other normals. New focus attack using sHP animation does same damage as regular focus attack but has less reach and can’t be used for kara dash.

No EX Knife throw lol. His knife throw is slightly faster and he can combo into LP Knife throw but it also has a little bit slower recovery than before.

Jesus christ are there new combo possibilities. From cr.lp you can link into, cl.hp and You can do anywhere on screen after hp CU juggle into super. So much to explore :slight_smile:

Also, after all CU, including EX, you can do KKK

So a cool looking combo I did in the corner was forward lp chain > back lp whiff for 3rd hit > cr.fierce > ex 3P bad stone > cr.jab > > ex ruffian > ex CU

Can confirm that 1 hit dust -> wrench swings WILL still activate the animation

You can juggle with close roundhouse now, looks pretty funky.
Crack kick > close roundhouse etc.

so>cl.hp is a thing now lol.

EDIT: actually>a lot of things is a thing now.>> links feel hella easier so i’m sure they increased the frame advantage on hit by a good amount along with increasing the proximity range on his close normals (something that’d help him in normal cody lol.)

same goes with the knife It feels extremely easy to link into and again, since got the proximity buff, you can combo into it. (so i’m assuming knife got more frame advantage on hit also)

shame some of these buffs are on regular cody though.

EDIT EDIT: Cody got a EX low bad stone. Have to hold lp+hp instead when doing bad stone and he tosses low versions of rocks ala bad spray. you CAN combo into these as they’re much faster.

Actually the reason the links are easy mode has nothing to do with frame data changes. A LOT of moves have a cancel list now for “ground” moves that will execute on the last frame of the attack. For example, closeMP will save any move input during the last 6-7F and start it as soon as the move recovers. Basically everything has huge buffers now to make links easier.

well that explains that lol.

I also noticed they reverted Yang’s walkspeed back to pre ultra. nothing huge to know but since cody’s walkspeed got nerfed back to AE2012 just thought i’d throw that out there.