Omega Gen -- what are you hoping for?

I’m actually pretty excited to try out Omega Gen. I’d like at least one new move – one per stance would be awesome. Thinking hands loop coming back and a new dive kick move in crane would be nice. Kind of like a motion input Oga executed in mid air. being safe and costing one bar. Like a weaker Teiga, I guess. Would be sweet with his Alpha air throw, juggle state (for normal and special moves) off of Shakudan, and maybe a teleport move based on Zetsui (leaving the attack part out, or working like Oni’s claw move, with heavier ones crossing up).

What changes do you guys want to see? And what are you expecting?

those are good ideas

New changes announced today. Gen was included despite them leaving him out from the list.

He gets chain combos, ex stance change (?) and a “massive overhaul” to both stances. Cryptic indeed.

Gen changes could be either brutally cool or pathetic. No new moves? What’s the “massive overhaul” to both stances they speak of? And ex stance change?

If I’m following the Gen text and images correctly, it looks like: (Mantis) c.lp xx s.hp (2nd hit launches) xx EX stance change, (Crane) U1

So properties on his normals have been re-tooled (now a reason to actually land the 2nd hit of s.hp), and 1 bar confirms into Ultra on any grounded opponent.

Hm, why does it require ex stance change here you mean? Isn’t that just from chained normals?

Not liking the direction they’re taking with Gen if they dumb him down to make him easier to use instead of giving him more tools to utilise. With the other characters getting new moves Gen basically no longer has more special moves than the average character, despite having two stances.

Well I’m just guessing based on the content they provided, but I understood them to be saying that EX allows you to stance change as a cancel. So if that is that case, presumably they’re saying you need to EX cancel into the stance change to hit Crane U1 in time.

That’s just my inference from their less than stellar description though.

Yeah. I can’t believe how little effort they put into explaining Gen’s changes. For a lot of other characters they went into detail much more. It made me kind of pissed off. It’s like they consider him irrelevant. :frowning:
And considering the “massive overhaul” to his stances (I doubt that’s an accurate description, but one can always hope) it’s possible he’s one of the most different characters in the game in Omega, but it really, really confuses me that he is the only character not getting any new moves, considering he is the “master of many moves”.

I’m kind of hoping for hands loop being back, though. It could be the case since they said they’ve changed the properties of many of his moves in both stances – I hope that goes for special moves also, and not only normal moves.

Most importantly: Why can’t they give us back Gen’s crouch block animation from Alpha? It looks so awesome!