Omega Evil Ryu

I spent quite some time yesterday trying to figure out the changes. Here are my results. This is mostly a copy and paste job from my post on the Facebook page with some things worded differently so if you saw it there then that was me.

-Two versions of the target combo. The far one is the only reliable way to combo into the new EX axe kick. So you can do something like jab, jab, TC, EX axe kick for 316 damage. The target combo with far MP is 3 hits now and it must be canceled from the 2nd hit otherwise it won’t work

-The close version of the TC starts with cl. MP and ends with cl. HP and is a launcher. You can cancel into all specials but the damage is crap. Tatsu and SRK only gets one hit. axe kicks whiffs, you get full hits from shaku but the damage isn’t worth it to use this as a punish. EX SRK hits fully but that’s not a good punish. There is only one good use I found for this and it cost 3 bars. If you cancel into EX shaku, you can follow up with EX axe kick for a total of 460 damage. Evil Ryu can already do this kind of damage with 3 bars but this is easy as hell compared to hitting all those 1f links. If you want you can FADC it into Ultra or something else but it’s not worth it.

-cl. HK is 3 hits and you can juggle all 3 to add 110 damage. So for example you can do DP, FADC, cl. HK for 210 damage. Also works in the corner after a LP DP.

-Only set up I found for the new fireball is to use it after a HK axe kick(which is still a hard knockdown). So you’re going to have to burn meter to FADC a DP or maybe end your combo with cl. MP > HK axe kick instead of something more damaging if you want the set up. But it’s basically just a simple jump in and your opponent has to guess a high or low.

-LK tatsu travels farther. It looks like the one we were suppose to receive in the initial list of buffs for Ultra before that was taken away.

-I have no idea what the purpose of that F+HP is. It doesn’t seem to have armor or any invincibility against strikes or fireballs. But after reading through the other Facebook post, I see that it’s plus on block so I guess it’s a way to get in but I don’t know if it serves any other purpose.

-Demon does 450 damage now, but it looks like everybody’s super got buffed.

-EX DP looks different and fully juggles now like cl. HK. If you do LP DP into EX DP in the corner you get all the hits from the EX DP. It’s even more when you do a full axe kick combo obviously so those corner combos are going to be really deadly now with this and cl. HK.

Think of his f+hp like you do Ryu’s f+hp and you’ll get it better. You can use it the same way to blow up focus. Or, just like ryu. Do a jab, jab, walk back f+hp. It can also connect after a focus crumple but cl.hp does better damage and a lot more stun. If you start it and see them jump, and charge it, most times it’ll AA, but it’s kinda like a far hk. If they’re on top of you, you’ll trade.

Evil Ryu can deal 500 damage with 2 bars. Insane.

I’ve been meaning to get back to this thread just to post some stuff. I really love playing Omega Evil Ryu. I don’t find his play style to be much different, I just love that he does even more damage and has more options than before. If anything he’s now more of a mix up character than any of his previous versions. Omega characters don’t get hard knockdowns from throws of sweep but Omega Evil Ryu can do cl. HK > EX shaku > MK axe kick after a LK tatsu for a hard knockdown with no DWU. Land a successful ambiguous jump in and your opponent is stunned. First off here is a combo video made by Lucifer which pretty much shows all the changes in Omega mode.

Some new max damage combos by Evil Ryu that work on everybody. His cl. MK does have more range not and hits a lot more characters but still does’t work on everybody so I won’t be using that in these examples

Mid screen, 1 bar: cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu, cl. HK, EX shaku, MK axe kick 405 damage(This is his main way to end combos in a hard knockdown for 1 bar)
Corner, 1 bar: cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu, LP SRK, EX SRK 432 damage

Mid screen, 2 bars: cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu, cl. HK, EX axe kick 465 damage
Corner, 2 bars: cl. HP, MK axe kick, cr. MP, LK tatsu, LP SRK, cl. HK, EX axe kick 489 damage

4 bar Omega combo: far HK, EX axe kick, FADC, Ultra 1 627 damage(this is also perfect to use as OS if people back dash on wake up, far HK will catch them).

Since EX axe kick is a overhead, it’s easier to catch people off guard blocking low, so if you land that by itself and FADC into Ultra, that’s still 557 damage. You have a long time to confirm it so it doesn’t require good reactions. I don’t know how safe or unsafe the move is on block though.

But anyways, there are many other combo combinations but these are just a few I wanted to highlight. And since Omega characters have frame buffers you will probably never drop a link with Evil Ryu. I shouldn’t spend so much time with him but I’m really enjoying exploring this character more and finding set ups with him even though it’ll probably be for nothing since few will play Omega.

Except Blanka: the EX Shakunetsu whiffs.

cr.MP before the cr.HP also seems to work on everyone and gives slightly more damage (409, 434) and more stun.

For the 2bar-combos cr.MP isn’t worth it though (less damage).