Omega Combo Thread

let’s post some combos our green friend can do in omega mode.

all combos he can do in ultra should work the same or even better in omega, especially if he has one or two bars.

elec into upball is now possible, as elec now juggles

i think i was able to pull of this combo once: jHK -> coward crouch -> sHP -> followup (upball, sHK)
did i just dream this or was is on counter-hit, since i couldn’t replicate it. could be a very tight window.

btw, what does ex-coward crouch do?

I made a video last night trying to figure out some combos. Cool stuff, but I couldn’t work out a way to combo into his teleport other than just from a focus attack, also a bit sad that there isn’t really a way to combo into either ultra since red focus is gone from omega mode. Hoping others will find a way!