Old Xbox to Ps3 converter?

I justed wanted to quickly ask if there is any possibility to play with a old xbox stick on a ps3. Like if there is any converter that is good?

If not can someone recommend me a good ps3 stick that is not trash and not too expensive?

Thanks in advance

There is no Xbox to PS3 converter only PS2 to PS3. What stick are you using right now for your xbox? If it’s a good one I’d just mod it if I were you. The thing with sticks is either you go for price or quality. There is the Fighting Stick 3 for PS3 made by Hori. You could buy that one for like $40 or $50. You should be able to find that at Gamestop.

-Tha Hindu

actually there is. You make it into usb(buy an adapter or make one), install linux onto your ps3, get XBCD working on linux somehow and use it from there [/notserious_post]

I got my custom xbox 1 stick working on the PS3 by chaining adapters:

Xbox - to PS2 adapter - PS2 to PS3 adapter


That is the Xbox to PS2 adapter I had used but it looks like it is back ordered. Hope this helps. :woot:

Thanks for the info. I think I’ll try what Huzza suggested. I’m just a little worried about input delay when you chain 2 adadpters together…
The thing is I had all my custom sticks made for xbox from the suite 53 guy like a year ago, so modding it is somewhat out of the question.

Hello all,

This is my first post, I stumbled upon this thread as I am in the exact same situation! I own 2 Hori Fighting Stick EX for my old xBox and, as a new PS3 owner, I wish I could use my sticks on my new system.

Makoto36, have you tried chaining adapters and does it work well indeed? Any input lag?

I see the xbox to PS2 adapter is available again.
What adapter did you use from PS2 to PS3?

Hm, if the USB Saturn pads work flawlessly with the Ps3, has anyone tried just converting the old XBOX1 pads? It might be worth a shot.

I have an xbox to usb converter, but I dont have a ps3 to check this out on. All the coverter I have does is change the shape of the xbox plug into a usb plug. So there is no lag. Xbox 1 controllers are basically usb pads that have a modifed usb plugs.

Do ps2 -> pc converters allows ps2 sticks to work on ps3? If no, i dont think the xbox to pc convertor will work on ps3. Even if it does, you will most likely need drivers.

It would be amazing if it worked on the PS3 with a simple xbox1 to USB shape-adapter. I would like to know if ever you have a chance to try it!