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Old thread. Removed irrelevant info

How do the Korean sticks mount? About the same depth/size kinda deal as Happs?

Also, what’s the hole diameter / max panel depth for the Crown buttons?

Edit - do you know which if these would be in a Korean SF4 machine?

I’ll take 2 of the button plugs if u still have them.

Alrighty. Thanks for the info. Can you estimate shipping for one Myoungshin stick to California? (zip 95616, near Sacramento)

just wanted to vouch for laugh. those InPin converters work great, better than the REAL adapters IMHO.

I probably have seen a pic of them, but can I see a pic of the converters? I may take one off your hands if I sell something off ebay in a few days.

the inpin are ps1/2->ps3 correct?

can they be use for pc also?

if so, i would like one shipping to USA 94606. =)

pm sent.

Yes and yes.

I have 2 and they both work great.

Hey I PM’ed you a while back about an inpin and now I actually do need one. Whats shipping to 68123?

PM Sent for 2 converters yesterday! :slight_smile:

i’m also going to need some inpin (like 2-3)

lmk shipping to 02888

PM sent about Inpin a couple days ago also.
Need to know shipping to 82901.

i want to see a pic of the dark hai. buttons and/or bubble top

laugh i got your pm.
your PM box is full.
just letting you know im ready to pay.

Yo laugh… looking for a couple of converters. Let me know how much it is to ship to 21229.

I wanna get the whole transaction done today if possible. Lett me know. thanks.

im down for a balltop and some buttons if i like how they look in the pics. tried akihabara but cant really tell what they look like from those pics.

how many dark hai buttons do you have ?

Hey laugh,

With these InPin converters, can I then use my PS2 Dual Shock on my PC via USB? Thanks.

hey laugh, are those button plugs sanwa brand? if so why are they named differently than the ones from lizardlick?