Old School Joysticks

I was looking through a ton of my old Nintendo Power/GamePro/EGM’s from back in the early and mid 90’s, and I couldn’t believe how far arcade sticks have come. I also couldnt believe how shitty some were.

http://www.gamersgraveyard.com/repository/snes/peripherals/images/super_advantage.jpg(More sticks and pics from this site)

I remember Nintendo pimping the bejeezus out of this one, saying it was the best way to play SF2 on the SNES. Hell no.

“Variable Speed Slow Motion: Slow down the entire game when things get out of control.”

I need to go play some Dodonpachi or Dangun Feveron just to wash this filth out of my mind.

I remember my first stick. It was for the original NES…
The NES Advantage


I think I picked it up for $10 at Toys’R’Us back in the mid-90s. I needed it because my grandparents (whom I lived with at the time) kept on breaking the regular controllers. Seriously. It still works today and rests next to the Nintendo at Gma’s house.