Old member, new to the forums

Hi everyone!

Been a regular for a couple of years, but never really logged in to say anything.

Anyway, I Like drawing stuff, whether it is as a comic release or something more in the line with a serious tone to it.

Would you like me to post more?


nice artwork you’ve got here man. Sorry but the SRK fanart board is pretty dead nowadays. This forum had its heyday about a decade ago. Perhaps try posting your stuff on reddit as well? There’s a street fighter channel there.

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Check out Artfol while you’re at it.

Artist focused social media platform in beta. I’m hoping it can be a solid alternative to Instagram, which used to be nice for sharing and enjoying artworks; but advertisements and algorithms ruined my user experience.

A platform just for artists would be nice, and leave the “influencers” to Instagram.

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Thank you! Might try it! But honestly I’ve had bad luck while trying to get people to see my stuff. :frowning:

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I have noticed there is almost no trafic here…

I posted on Reddit, but to be honest is not much more different having people to see them. :frowning:

I can relate.

Just figured I’d pass it along as most people seem to prefer the convenience of “social media” for sharing works these days.

The honest reality is maintaining and curating your own website with a good portfolio of work will always be your best option. In terms of getting work.

Or you can just draw furry porn, or trace Twitch girls and put them in superhero attire to get max geekbux. Seems to be the only way to earn as an illustrator at the low ends. At least the Japanese market has the entire hentai fan comic community, which feels slightly more honest and can lead to professional work. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Damn! but how things are going, might as well try it :confused:

Thank you so much for the input!

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