(OLD) Ken General Discussion Thread (Combos, Techniques, etc.)



L = low

M = medium

H = high

P = punch

K = kick

EX = EX version of special

x = not avalable

* = this is the I cant read japanese star

How information works :

Start up/hit/recovery/grd adv/hit adv/grd recov/hit recov/dmg/stun/gauge

Close Normals

lp = 4/2/5/+4/+7/10/13/30/50/20
mp = 6/3/18/-7/-2/13/18/60/100/40
hp = 6/3/19/-4/+1/17/22/90/150/60

lk = 6/2/7/+2/+5/10/13/30/50/20
mk = 8/3/12/-1/+7/13/21/70/100/40
hk = 8/3/21/-6/-2/17/21/110/200/60

Far Normals

lp = 4/2/5/+4/+7//10/13/20/50/20
mp = 7/5/5/+4//+7/13/16/70/100/40
hp = 11/3/16/-1/+3/17/21/100/200/60

lk = 4/3/7/+1/+4/10/13/40/50/20
mk = 7/3/13/-2/+1/13/16/80/100/40
hk = 12/3/21/-6/-2/17/21/130/200/60

Crouching Normals

lp = 3/3/6/+2/+5/10/13/30/50/20
mp = 5/5/9/0/+3/13/16/70/100/40
hp = 5/4/23/-9/-4/17/22/100/200/60

lk = 3/4/7/0/+3/10/13/20/50/20
mk = 4/4/14/-4/-1/13/16/70/100/40
hk = 8/3/21/-6/x/17/x/110/200/60

Jumping Normals ( Straight up )

lp = 7/9/x/x/x/8/11/50/50/20
mp = 5/4/x/x/x/11/15/80/100/40
hp = 7/4/x/x/x/15/18/100/200/60

lk = 7/10/x/x/x/8/11/40/50/20
mk = 6/7/x/x/x/11/15/80/100/40
hk = 6/2/x/x/x/15/18/100/200/60

Jumping Normals ( Diagonal )

lp = 7/8/x/x/x/8/11/40/50/20
mp = 5/6/x/x/x/11/15/70/100/40
hp = 5/4/x/x/x/15/18/100/200/60

lk = 5/7/x/x/x/8/11/50/50/20
mk = 6/4/x/x/x/11/15/80/100/40
hk = 5/7/x/x/x/15/18/100/200/60

Overhead Heel Kick ( <-, mk )


Step Kick ( ->, mk )


Step Overhead Kick ( -> hk )


Target Combo( close mp->hp )


Focus Attack

lvl1 = 22/2/42/-28/-28/15/15/60/100/20
lvl2 = 17+13/2/42/-22/x/21/x/90/150/40
lvl3 = 68/2/42/x/x/x/x/150/200/60

Judo Throw ( -> lp+lk )


Rolling Throw ( <- lp+lk )


Hadoken ( :qcf: p )

14/x/*47/-7/-3/18/22/60/100/  10/20
EX -> 14/x/*44/-1/+2/13/16/50.40/50.50/0

Shoryuken ( :dp: p )

lp = 4/11/17+ *9/-16/x/20/x/120[80]/200[100]/   30/40
mp = 4/3.11/25+*9/-24/x/20/x/24._/80.80/100.100/30.16
hp = 3/2.2.12/30+*9/-30/x/20/24._._/70.40.30/100.50.50/30.10.10
EX = 5/*9.-40/x/20/x/

Tatsumaki Senpukyaku ( :qcb: k )

lk = 6/1(4)2(6)2/12+*8/-9/-5/20/24/50.40.40/50x3/20.10.10
mk = 6/2(5)2(5)1(5)2(5)2/14+*9/-4/0/20/24/50.40.40/50x3/20.10.10
hk = 6/2(6)1(5)1(5)1(5)1(5)1(5)2(4)2/12+*12/-5/-1/20/24/80.40x4/50x5/0
EX = 6/2(4)1(3)1(4)1(3)1(4)1(4)1(3)1/9+*14/-3/+1/20/24/50.40X4/50x5/0

Air Tatsumaki Senpukyaku ( :qcb: k [in air] )

lk = 8/*/*10/x/x/15/18/50/50/   [10/30]
mk = 7/*/*10/x/x/15/18/60/50/  [10/30]
hk = 7/*/*10/x/x/15/18/70/50/  [10/30]
EX = 6/*/*4/x/x/15/18/40/50/0

Shoryu Reppa ( :qcf: :qcf: p ) [super]


Shinryuken ( :qcf: :qcf: p x 3 ) [ultra]


Nice thx! So close mk and HK are +7? Dang, do these both hit crouching opponent? Also are the overheads tested on crouching or standing opponent, cause the frames may be different.

EDIT: nm. jus saw the active hit frames.

From what ive seen, all of Ken’s normals, even standing ones, hit crouching opponents.

Im totally new into reading frame info, so I find very confusing the meaning of those numbers.
Start-up= when u press the button ?
Recovery= time when the move is “coming back” to the character?
Hit= ???
Hit recovery= ???
Ground advantage= ???

Im totally lost here =/

start up - the # of frames till the “hit” frame is active
Hit frames - number of active frames that it can hit, also if you use attacks with long active frames as a meaty, you can knock off recovery frames IE: an attack has 5 active hit frames and is +1 on block, if you meaty the attack at the fifth frame you can allow the attack to be +5 on block!
Hit recovery - when you hit an oponnent with the attack, how long it takes for you to be able to recover, so if a move is +5 on hit, that means that once you land the move, you have 5 frames of your opponent in hit stun while you are free to do what you want.

edit: nvm magus got took care of it.

hk = 4/2/5/+4/+7/10/13/20/50/20

That’s not correct from what I see. You are looking at far jab. It’s:

Speaking of close roundhouse, I’m not really sure the point of this. Maybe it’s antiair when they jump up right above you? But then you have c. fierce so I don’t really get it.

Edit: Well, it’s cancelable anyway.

HK Hurricane kick

TERRIBLE!!! LK is even worse

Thanks edma. The small writing was doing a number on my eyes.

c.RH does more dmg/stun then c.FP. c RH is actually strong as hell for a normal. And since the first 2 hits of a combo get 100% power, it could be a pretty good jumpin punisher.

I’ll test it when I go to the SFC event I guess.

so waht are his most damaging/stun combo he can do with no, or one stock? Is close FK xx SRK do more than target combo into srk? or should I use hurricane kick for more damage?

Looks like target combo x FP shoryu does more stun and dmg. But I dont think it works for a jump in punisher like the c.RH does. The shoryu would whiff I think.

Has anyone else noticed that his MP shoryu does more dmg than his HP shoryu ? I find that to be very surprising.

If target combo x MP shoryu all connects then it should do more dmg than target combo x HP shoryu apparently.

Data is missing on cr.MK

I think it’s supposed to be: 4/4/14/-4/-1/13/16/70/100/40

Instead of: 4/4/14/-4/-13/16/70/100/40

Edit: I’m working on turning all of this into a spread sheet, hopefully to make it some what easier to read. I’ll upload it once I’m done.

Yeah, strong shoryu does more dmg and is more invincible. The only downside is it comes out one frame slower and the second hit tends to miss a lot unless you are really close whereas fierce shoryu almost never misses. But yeah, punish with strong shoryu when you can in a combo.

Also, unless I misread this thing (and I am kinda guessing) strong-> fierce does the exact same dmg/stun/everything as close fierce. Not sure what the point of it is other then to hit confirm.

crouching foward data fixed. Thanks Hooligan.

yeah I noticed the mp shoryu doing more dmg a week ago. Ive been doing c.hp xx mp shoryu for a punisher. Works pretty well so far.

So its better to do close fierce mp srk instead of target combo ex srk?

just wanted to say that I listened to Jwong’s podcast on gootecks.com then listened to Ken I and Ed Ma’s and they have conflicting views about ken’s f.fwd being the best move in the game. Justin sais it’s the best move in the game, but Ken I and Ed didn’t have much to say about it except that it’s -2 recovery.
what say ye?

I don’t know what Justin said about it but when we were talking about it we were simply talking about frame data. My point was that if Ken(A) blocks Ken(B)'s f. fwd, he can low forward him easily everytime before Ken(B) can low forward because Ken(B) is at -2. Aside from that, yes the move is very good and it flows very well with how Ken works it seems to me, especially because you can kara-throw with it. Has lots of hit frames (5 frame hits), hard to focus attack (11 frame recovery) and puts him at good distance for him. Best normal in the game? Who knows. Sagat stand roundhouse is pretty beefy. Ryu sweep is pretty beefy too. Chun low short, also very good IMO. Lots of good normals.

Besides Viper. Viper has no good normals, haha… kidding.

This is the Fierce followup to the close strong, not the fake overhead.

jesus fucking christ. Thanks again edma. Sorry about all this guys.