Old Genei Jin for the Win!: Yun Moveset, Strategies, and Combos

Yun’s Moveset


Description: Good hit confirm. Combos into LP.

Description: Decent footsie. Option select with lunge punch for maximum effect.

Description: Good hit confirm as well. Chains with other lights.

s.LP (close)
Description: Links into st.MP.



Yun’s aerials will tend to see less of a fight due to the nature of his dive kicks, but each still play an important role.

Unique Moves:
Overhead (Senpuukyaku): F+MK
Description: Awesome. Can be used during Genei Jin to juggle.

Dakai: F+HP
Description: Awesome. Can be used during Genei Jin to juggle. Can also force cross-ups due to Yun stepping in. Has a small hitbox from the back. Very decent poke against Zangief.

Dive Kick (Raigekishuu): DF+K (during neutral or forward jump)
Description: Awesome. LK, MK, and HK variations have different arcs. Unlike Rufus, Yun has to reach a certain height before initiating divekicks. Combos into lk, lp, and mp, and mk.

Target Combos:
Target Combo 1: j.LP xx j.HP
Description: Awesome.

Target Combo 2: cr.MP xx cr.HP
Description: Awesome.

Target Combo 3: cr.HK xx HK
Description: Awesome.

Target Combo 4: MP xx HP xx B+HP
Description: Awesome.

Target Combo 5: LP xx LK xx MP
Description: Awesome. Can cancel into any special.

Lunge Punch (Zesshou Hohou): QCF+P
Description: Armor breaking! When spaced properly Lunge Punch is safe. EX version is generally safe from any distance. EX version can combo into LP Lunge or Ultra.

EX Lunge Punch to Ultra I combos mid-screen with:

  • Ryu, Ken, Gouken, Akuma, Gen, Sakura, Oni, Yun, Dhalsim, Viper, Sagat, Hakan, Yang, Evil Ryu, Guile, Zangief, Vega, T.Hawk, Rose

Dragon Kicks (Nishou Kyaku): DP+K
Description: Awesome. EX version can combo into LP Lunge.

Shoulder Slam (Tetsuzan Kou): DP+P
Description: Awesome. Hit confirm into Genei Jin. Goes under projectiles. EX version is hella fast.

Palm (Kobokushi): QCB+P
Description: Awesome. Armor breaking! Big ass hitbox. LP version is a cancel.

Flip Grab (Zempo Tenshin): HCB+K
Description: Awesome. Command grab! Combo into BnB’s from here. Preferably cr.MP to st.MP.

Genei Jin: QCFx2 +P
Description: Awesome. Does not add stun. Has other special effects explained later.

Ultra I: Lift and Burn (Youhou): QCFx2 + PPP
Description: Awesome. Can combo after EX Lunge Punch and combos into EX Shoulder Slam afterwards.

Ultra II: Speared Lightning Barrage (Sourai Rengeki): QCFx2 KKK
Description: Awesome. Good anti-air.

updating over time


From close cr.MP:
cr.MP, s.MP xx HK Dragon Kicks

cr.MP, s.MP xx EX Dragon Kicks, LP Lunge Punch

cr.MP, s.MP xx LP Shoulder Slam

cr.MP, s.MP xx HP Lunge Punch

From close cr.LK:
cr.lk, s.LP, s.MP xx (any special)
*Good low hit confirm combo.

Divekick, cr.MP x3, MP xx EX Dragon Kicks, HP Lunge Punch (Daigo Combo?)

The following normals combo from Flip Grab:
*- s.LP

  • cr.MP
  • ???*

The following normals combo from a meaty Divekick:

  • s.P
  • cr.MP
  • ???

LK Dragon Kicks (anti-air) xx Genei Jin xx Genei Jin Rape Combo
Damage: Apparently a fuckton.

cr.MP, cr.MP, st.MP xx LP Shoulder Slam xx Genei Jin xx Genei Jin Rape Combo

EX Lunge Punch, Ultra 1 (corner only)

TC5 xx Shoulder Slam/Lunge Punch/Dragon Kicks

cr.MK xx Lunge Punch (good for long range punish)

Genei Jin Combos
HK, LP Lunge, f.MK x3, sMP, f.MK, HP Palm, LP Lunge, MP, f.MK x2, f.HP, LP Lunge, cr.MK xx HJC Dive Kick Reset - (thanks to Genxa)


Lets get things rolling? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:
As most of us have no way to try anything out, speculation seems a good idea ;]
Dive Kick/Jump in, OS EX Lunge Punch, Ultra 1, Ex Shoulder.
I’m pretty positive this will punish backdash and Teleports and depending on invinciblity it may punish EX-Spinning Bird etc.

Yo I’m going to arcade UFO later on next week, they’re the ones on the front page who are getting ssf4 ae cabs, so I’ll be able to try stuff and test stuf out. I’ll be playing DJ, Yun, and Yang so yeah not just Yun. I’ll try and write up my observations, and test some stuff to help yall out and get some info out there.

Good stuff.

Anyone feel free to offer what they already know from what’s missing above and I’ll go ahead and fill it in.

i hope to main Yun in AE together with Fuerte. and since i’m in NY i’ll hit up CTF when AE drops and post my observations too.

Dive Kick (Raigekishuu): DF+K During forward or neutral jump.

Target combo 1: j.LP xx j.HP

Target Combo 2: c.MP xx c.HP

I’m quite sure that’s how it is, when looking at this.

Just a couple of useful bits of info.
Lunge Punch and Palm are Armour Breaking
EX-Palm can bounce juggle off the wall. (like gouken u2?)
When super is active it doesn?t add to stun.
EX-Lunge can combo into Ultra 1 (strict timing?) and Ultra 1 can combo into EX Shoulder.
His launcher(close standing forward) looks like a good AA (whith great combo potential)
He has a Super Jump :lovin:
And Dive Kick, Target Combo 5 (:lp:, :lk:, :mp:)to hp lunge does about 330 stun. (3 right guesses is all you need ;P)

Care to list the inputs on his specials too? I got really annoyed with the Tokido writeup because I had no idea what the moves were called.

I’ll probably have to bring a pocket notebook to the arcade with me when it drops in Toronto so I can remember his combos, haha.

Lunge Punch (Zesshou Hohou): QCF+P
Dragon Kicks (Nishou Kyaku): DP+K
Shoulder Slam (Tetsuzan Kou): DP+P
Palm (Kobokushi): QCB+P
Flip Grab (Zempo Tenshin): HCB+K

Genei Jin: QCFx2+P

Ultra I: Lift and Burn (Youhou): QCFx2+PPP
Ultra II: Speared Lightning Barrage (Sourai Rengeki): QCFx2+KKK

loving this

@OP lol at the description:awesome parts of your thread, EPIC! I think you should add that his Senpukyakuu overhead crosses up a downed opponent

I’m quite sure Yun doesn’t have a high jump, the person who said so were probably mistaken. I just checked this, and Ibuki’s high jump is on her movelist. Yun doesn’t have one on his.

Ibuki’s movelist say: ???: :d: ???

??? = Hai jampu = High Jump.

Im hoping that ctf has AE, Im going to head there tomorrow after school to see if i can get my hands on yun. (im not sure if they have it yet.) but assuming they do is there anything some one would like me to test?.

Id be very surprised if Yun doesnt get his super jump back

check out the range on his focus attack, couldnt really make it out in the vids, I dont think its all that great though :confused:

also see if you can check what will combo off EX palm wall bound

I saw that you can cancel s.MK into s.MK during Genei Jin, so if you catch someone in the corner with it, try to repeat s.MK constantly until the time runs out. If he gets too high, you whiff s.MK, and he lands before you can do another one, try to jump cancel s.MK into a dive kick and do s.MK again, or throw a whiffed light move out and catch them with s.MK before they land.

Maybe you can do “s.MK xx c.LP (whiff) -> s.MK xx c.LP (whiff) -> s.MK xx c.LP (whiff) etc” or something like that. Basically, any simple loop you can find with Genei Jin, because that stuff is good to know if you get an unexpected opening.

At the start of this video it appears c.mp, c.mp s.lk lunge is possible and it does a good amount of damage too.
Can anyone confirm what the combo is at 0:13? is it TC4 without the last :l::hp:
(also from this video Lunge punch looks safer than I thought it would be and his step palm :r::hp: looks like a good poke)

baha, I seen.

C.MP x2 xx MP HP Palm target combo.