Old Asus Evo monitor vs Benq?

Started playing SF 5 serious two weeks ago.

I have an old Asus Monitor and recently went to a gaming session where Benq monitors were used…which I believe are the official EVO monitor.

Truthfully I could not feel the 8 frames of lag on the asus monitor but I immediately noticed and could visually see the delay on the Benq Monitor.

Does anyone else have this experience?

They have the same lag scores on displaylag.com

If anything the Ben Q monitor has the better picture.

lots of variables here though… what exact model numbers are we comparing? what setting were the monitors on? etc…

I actually want to know what’s the best 29"-32" ultrawide monitor I can purchase that won’t make fighting games lag.

Any recs?

I believe you mean 8ms, not 8 frames. 8 frames is 128ms.

Neither is substantially better than the other as far as display lag. Just features.

He probably means the 8 frames of lag SFV has, and if he can’t feel the game is horribly laggy compared to other fighters then I don’t think he will really notice a difference between a sub frame monitor and one with 1-2 frames. Either way the good Asus and BenQ monitors input lag are around the same.

Little bigger than what you’re looking for, but both Acer and Asus make a 34" ultrawide /w g-sync (I believe Acer has a freesync model as well), both have low input lag and fast response times. $$$ though. Why UW tho? SFV won’t do 21:9, even if you set to a 21:9 res it still renders 16:9.