Old ASCII stick

Hey guys!

I picked up an old ‘ASCII Specialized Fighting Stick’ for cheap, and was wondering if you guys knew anything about it - there’s almost no info on it online, and what little I’ve found is conflicting. Can anyone shed some light on this old stick?


I’m too poor to buy any decent sticks, and I figured this would be fun. (Damn cost of college.) :rofl:

Oh, and I’m an animation student, so I can draw pretty well - perhaps if I have time I can do some drawings for those of you who are making those mad-expensive custom sticks? :wgrin:

Gandido of controversial-evo-finals fame has one too.

Can’t be that bad if it’s being used in tournaments, eh.

Maybe you can make something of it.

From what I remember of that stick, I think the plastic casing/chassis is super thin? Not even sure if you can mod it at all. I believe the buttons feel like pressing down on a membrane keyboard and the the joystick really very little movement/range to register.

that stick is horrible…

Wow, the things you can find through the search function.

Those sticks usually come either REALLY good, or really bad. The first thing you have to do is remove the plastic casing on the actual stick part which is very uncomfortable. Then, test out movements on it. Some of these sticks come REALLY shitty (again, I can’t stress this enough) and if the stick is very loose, you have yourself a winner. I have one of these sticks and it can’t even more to the sides (I’m serious. I’ll even mail it to you if you want proof on how horrible they can be.)

Get at least 2-3 of these in order to be able to luck out. People always ragged on me ever since I took one of them to Evo2k3 (Alex Valle asked me how can I play on a toy). That one was probably the best one I had, but in a moment of anger, I punched it on the front. Smartly enough, I removed the stick part, but someone here mistook it for trash and threw that away, so I had to buy new ones. Got 4 of them, and only one of them worked good enough to have me play on it.

I guess this is your product review.

I just got mine and the stick is really loose - I’m having no problems pulling off all sorts of moves. Yay for a stick on a budget!

How does the plastic around the stick cause problems? Does it restrict movement or something?

And if you don’t want your shitty extras, I’m willing to take 'em. xD

I would have searched before posting but the search feature was taken away. =(

The extras I had were thrown away, sadly.

Where did you end up buying it and for how much? Mine just broke after about 2 years of usage lol.