Okuma's Graphics

Lol, lets try again,shall we?
Instead of dumping all the old stuff I’ve done I’m gonna show off my new stuff.
New Stuff




Ex-nay on the non-default brush-ay.


Yeah, trying to break the habbit of overusing brushes,lol.
Anyways I tried to make the 3 new signatures simpler, but just as good.

I like the Sakura sig.

I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but your typo needs work.

Nice job.

I don’t get what you actually did?..

Wow those are really nice. I’m loving that Sakura one.

I was trying to make them look good but without overusing brushes (So basically just messing around with contrast,brightness stuff like that)
Considering, it’s not a huge step but I’m getting there,lol :stuck_out_tongue:





@ Frank Ae
Lol, it supposed to be spelled with an “O” and not an “A”.

Err, :wonder:

I meant to say the text on your graphics needs to blend with the signatures better.

Typo = Typography.

Oh :razz:
Thing’s to work on;
:character placement:

Thanks for everybody’s comments,I appreciate it :bgrin:

And I guess these 2 older Crimson Viper signatures



The 2nd signature seems to be popular for whatever reason.

^I really like the mesh and checkerboard effects that are blended in those images. Did you use a gradient blur to fade them into the sigs? I’m just curious.

Meh,I’m guessing you’re using photoshop, right?
Can’t help you there since I’m using Gimp,srry:\

Yup, definitely like the second one.

The Chun-Li one looks cool.

Signature for another forum


First attempt at Stick art


And in progress Crimson Viper Stick art:


Where is that vice artwork from?

You mean the one with the Japanese chick? I just found a render of her and decided to use it :expressionless:

Oh snaps gimp i havent used that for a long time. Dam nice work :tup:

I think your shit looks good, keep it up man.

The text On the first one is Pretty dope…
Really liking those…

Thanks for the comments guys :bgrin:

That Viper stick is going to look classy!